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One Piece Spoiler 1063: Kuma's Secret Mission, Bonney Must Meet Vegapunk?


Entering chapter 1063, many One Piece fans are curious about the reason why Kuma volunteered himself to be the object of Vegapunk's experiment under the control of the World Government.

Kuma is known as a member of the Shichibukai in the One Piece story, several times Kuma even wanted to kill Luffy, namely during the Thriller Bark arc and the Sabaody arc.

There are several facts about Kuma that are starting to be revealed, namely about Kuma's relationship with the Revolutionary Army and Jewelry Bonney organizations.

Kuma's relationship with the Revolutionary Army is revealed in one of the scenes that tells the story of Sabo's past, where Kuma accompanies Sabo while training in the Revolutionary Army.

From these facts it proves that Kuma actually has a desire to fight against the World Government. However, Kuma finally decided to submit to the World Government because he was considered to have a secret mission.

Kuma finally gave himself up to become the object of Vegapunk's experiment, where the scientist turned Kuma into a robot who no longer had thoughts and feelings.

Kuma is used as an example for Pacifista weapons. Kuma's life ended up being a slave of one of the Tenryuubito.

Pacifista weapons have the same form as Kuma, where the weapon is used by the Navy as a military part of the World Government.

In one scene in the One Piece manga, Ivankov once stated that Kuma is a person who really hates the World Government, and it is impossible for Kuma to allow himself to be the object of experimentation. According to Ivankov, Kuma must have had good reasons for deciding to submit to the World Government.

The reason Kuma submits to the World Government has a relationship with Bonney, where in One Piece manga chapter 1062 it is revealed the fact that Kuma is Bonney's father.

Bonney and the entire group of Pirates were once captured by Akainu, where Bonney was considered to be in the power of the World Government and was made a prisoner, in the end Bonney managed to escape.

Where by taking Bonney as a hostage, Kuma could be obedient to the World Government and allow himself to be used just to save Bonney.

This is also the reason that Bonney came to EggHead Island to meet Vegapunk with the aim of pleading or forcing Vegapunk to return his father as before.

Bonney thinks that Vegapunk can certainly return Kuma, but until the One Piece manga enters chapter 1063, Bonney has not met the original Vegapunk but only a woman who is a clone of Vegapunk.

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