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One Piece: Sakazuki's Child Figure Introduced By Oda Eiichiro

After the previous release of chapter 1061, fans began to speculate a lot regarding the theory of the sakazuki child.

The navy re-emerged in this latest arc, where some of them even appeared in chapter 1061 yesterday. What is also no less interesting is that we see several new characters who also turn out to be part of SWORD.

They were Helmeppo, Hibari, and Prince Grus. In this chapter, Helmeppo and Hibari appear to ask Prince Grus, who is their superior, to lend Seraphim for help. 

They did this to save Koby who was kidnapped by Blackbeard. However, unfortunately, Prince Grus did not give permission because he thought now was not the time to make a move.

Apart from the moment the two ask for help to borrow Seraphim, there is an interesting detail that appears in the dialogue, especially from Hibari's dialogue. 

And based on these details, there is a speculation that Hibari may have a deep connection with the figure of Fleet Admiral Sakazuki aka Akainu.

Son of Sakazuki?

A Twitter user who is also a One Piece fan and Japanese translator, @sandman_AP, explained that there was something unique about Hibari's dialogue. 

From the use of the word, Hibari used a dialect which later became known as "Hiroshima-Ben" or "Hiroshima dialect." Based on his information, this Hiroshima dialect has strong associations with the Yakuza.

That is, the language is usually used by the criminal group. 

Users of the Hiroshima dialect have often been stereotyped as noisy, loud, and assertive with emphasis. 

Hibari himself seems to be using an informal version of his speech pattern which often confuses those who translate it.

Therefore, it is not uncommon for characters who present dialogue using a certain dialect to lose detailed information like this. 

Those who have studied Japanese for a long time or often interact with Japanese or even native Japanese will certainly understand the nuances in the Hibari dialogue in chapter 1061.

Interestingly, in the One Piece series itself there are two characters who are known to use the Hiroshima dialect. Besides Hibari, another character is Sakazuki aka Akainu. 

This is what later became the basis for speculation that there was a possibility that Hibari was the son of Sakazuki. Sandman himself said that Oda seemed to want to give instructions for that.

Although it's still not officially confirmed that Hibari is Sakazuki's son, it could be that Hibari has a connection with the Fleet Admiral. 

It could be that Hibari is a family member of Sakazuki or maybe both of them are from the same region or hometown.

Proof of a Monster

Assuming that the above theory is indeed proven, it means that chapter 1061 has very broad implications, especially for the figure of Sakazuki. 

As we know, Sakazuki is a very brutal figure and never cares about other people. 

Death is always the answer to his figure, no matter if it is the life of his fellow marines.

In the Battle of Marineford, we see many Marines terrified and thinking of their families at the last moment. They wanted the battle to end so they could go home. 

However, Sakazuki didn't care about that. If Hibari really was his son, then that meant Sakazuki had really gone mad.

He is willing to kill other people and does not care about the lives of his comrades, even though he himself has a family. 

Hibari might end up just being one of the most influential characters in the series. However, the possibility for this theory to be proven is also quite large. 

It's interesting to later find out that only Hibari then used a speech style similar to Sakazuki.

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