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One Piece: Oda Gives Reason for Blackbeard's Crew Bounty Increase!

One Piece: Oda Gives Reason for Blackbeard's Crew Bounty Increase!

The Blackbeard pirate group is one of the groups that has been in the spotlight of many fans in the One Piece series. 

They became a group of one of the most feared pirates because of the tremendous potential they had. 

However, what is also no less interesting is how they can gain popularity and prey very quickly.

As geeks know, it didn't take long for Blackbeard and his group to reach the popularity they are now. 

Previously, Blackbeard was an ordinary crew in the Whitebeard pirate group. 

He then starts to get the spotlight after getting Yami Yami's devil fruit. 

Blackbeard broke through Impel Down and took prisoners there.

He also later defeated Ace and handed him over to the navy. 

And then the most epic of course is how he later stole Whitebeard's devil fruit in the Marineford war. 

Although the various crazy actions of Blackbeard and his group had clearly succeeded in increasing their reputation, there was actually one thing that made them so famous and had great bounty in a short time.

Hunting Devil Fruits

One Piece: Oda Gives Reason for Blackbeard's Crew Bounty Increase!

Oda Sensei gave the answer to this in chapter 1063. 

In that chapter, we saw how Blackbeard with Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, and also Doc Q and Stronger attacked Trafalgar Law in the middle of the sea. 

Blackbead's mission is to steal all of Law's copies of the Poneglyphs, and continue his adventure to Laugh Tale.

However, this moment becomes interesting because Law is not only facing Blackbeard but also his crew. 

And what's surprising is that in this chapter we saw that they now have devil fruit powers. 

Burgess has the Riki Riki devil fruit, Van Augur has the Wapu Wapu devil fruit, Doc Q has the Shiku Shiku devil fruit, and Stronger has the Uma Uma devil fruit.

Seeing how the rest of Blackbeard's crew had devil fruit powers really took Law by surprise. 

He didn't expect that they would quickly be able to have such a powerful force. 

And in one sentence Law reveals that this is a possible reason why then Blackbeard and his group can quickly increase bounty.

Hunting for devil fruit powers has indeed been shown by Oda in the series, even before the timeskip occurred. 

We see how Blackbeard is after Yami Yami as well as Gura Gura. 

Then, after the timeskip they managed to steal Absalom's Suke Suke despite failing to get Ace's Mera Mera. 

This seems to make sense to make their game value increase rapidly.

Why? Because, to be able to get the power of the devil fruit, it means they have to kill the previous user's life. 

This loss of life is considered a threat and the impact of what Blackbeard and his crew did. 

This is the same as Eustass Kid who had the greatest bounty of the other Worst Generations. 

That's because Kid destroys a lot of territory and kills a lot of lives.

The Hunt Continues

One Piece: Oda Gives Reason for Blackbeard's Crew Bounty Increase!

The devil fruit hunt doesn't seem to be stopping for now. 

We can see this when Blackbeard targeted Boa Hancock's Mero Mero in the previous chapter. 

In addition, the hunt for this devil fruit doesn't seem like it will stop before all of Blackbeard's crew has that power. 

Currently, there are Vasco Shot and Avalo Pizzaro who probably don't have the devil fruit yet.

In addition, Blackbeard might also hunt for a devil fruit for him to prepare for the 10th member of his group's 10 Titanic Captain. 

Lafitte's figure is also likely to get a devil fruit, although it's very likely that he already has one. 

In essence, Blackbeard is still not going to stop hunting down the devil fruit. 

And this means that their bounty will also increase dramatically again.

By hunting this devil fruit, Blackbeard's group will certainly be stronger, and they will become a real threat. 

It could be, this is a hint that Oda also presents how Blackbeard and his group will fight again and become the last obstacle that Luffy and the Straw Hats will face.

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