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One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoiler: Kuma Is Part of the Lunarian Race?

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoiler: Kuma Is Part of the Lunarian Race?

Another fact about Kuma was revealed again in the spoiler of the latest chapter of the One Piece manga. 

Based on that fact, it's possible that Kuma is from the same race as one of the other epic characters.

Former Shichibukai and also part of the revolutionary army, Bartholomew Kuma is a mysterious figure and there are still many questions regarding this character.

Kuma's figure had appeared before the timeskip happened. 

He was involved in several moments, such as in the Thriller Bark arc or when he was in Sabaody. 

It was he who later became the cause of the timeskip in One Piece. 

In the story, we know that Kuma is not a random figure. 

He has the ability of the Nikyu Nikyu no Mi devil fruit, where he is able to withstand enemy attacks with ease.

With this power also Kuma can "send" people wherever he wants. 

However, everything that happened to Kuma is still a mystery to this day. 

Slowly, Oda began to reveal important information about Kuma. 

For example, in One Piece chapter 1062 it was revealed that Kuma is actually Jewelry Bonney's father. 

And in the leak for the latest chapter, other information appears.

Coming from a Special Race

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoiler: Kuma Is Part of the Lunarian Race?

In one of the spoiler information points of One Piece chapter 1064, Jewelry Bonney tells Luffy and the others that Kuma is of a "special" race. 

In fact, this is also what makes him have to receive a severe sentence of imprisonment for life. 

Kuma was imprisoned because he was different from the others. 

With hints about this "special" race, the fans then concluded something.

Bartholomew Kuma probably came from the Lunarian race, a special race that has the nickname race of the gods that Oda Sensei just introduced. 

The Lunarian race itself Oda introduced in the battle at Onigashima. 

At that time, Queen said that if King came from one race of gods which is now extinct which is none other than the Lunarian race.

Marco then gave information that in ancient times there was a special race that lived above the Red Line, which is now where Mary Geoise stands. 

Queen also later added other information about the Lunarian race in her fight with Sanji. 

The speculation that Kuma was from the Lunarian race seemed quite reasonable. 

This is based on Kuma's extraordinary endurance.

According to Queen, the Lunarian race is able to adapt to various environments. 

Kuma himself was still able to survive after what happened to him. 

We can see this in chapter 1060, where Kuma is still alive and conscious. 

However, he had lost his human side and his subconscious was out of control. 

Then, what about the other characteristics?

Geeks of course ask, if Kuma is a Lunarian race why doesn't he have wings and doesn't have a dark skin tone? 

It could be, this has something to do with the experiments that Vegapunk had done on his body. 

He had genetically engineered Kuma, which affected his body structure as well. 

Including him may have to lose wings and skin discoloration.

From Another Race in One Piece?

One Piece Chapter 1064 Spoiler: Kuma Is Part of the Lunarian Race?

So far, Oda has often presented ideas or something that is very unexpected. 

An example is the emergence of the Lunarian race. 

Based on this, it is possible that Bartholomew Kuma is from another special race. 

There are several possibilities that could arise in this case. 

For example, in the first he came from a new special race.

It is not impossible if Oda then introduces another new special race, such as the Lunarian. 

This special race might not be much different from humans. 

It's just that they have privileges that humans generally don't have. 

For example, exceptional durability and durability. 

Second, it's possible that Kuma is from a special race that comes from the moon.

The moon has always been an interesting topic of discussion among fans. 

Oda himself presents the moon as one of the places of adventure in the cover story in the series. 

That is, it is not impossible if then there is one of the races that came from the moon and then moved to earth. 

The story itself is similar to the Birkans race which became the race of Enel.

Regardless of which special race Kuma belongs to, he is likely to become an important figure at the end of this saga. 

Kuma has all the memories of what happened to him by the World Government. 

In the previous article there was an explanation, if Kuma could be the key to the destruction of the World Government. 

This is done by disclosing or presenting confidential data or information that Kuma has to the world.

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