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One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: Mecha War in Egg Head!

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: Mecha War in Egg Head!

The existence of the Straw Hats on Egg Head Island provides something new for One Piece fans. 

As we know, Egg Head is the next island after a long storyline in Wano Country. 

This island is completely the opposite of Wano, where if Wano is very traditional then Egg Head is really very advanced and modern!

We can see this in the storyline, where there are many powerful robots that appear. 

For example, the giant robot shark that almost pounced on the Straw Hats. 

Or another giant robot that saved them from the shark. 

All the sophistication and extraordinary things on the island are the work of Dr. Vegapunk, the genius scientist.

Egg Head is the "home" for Vegapunk, because there he conducts various researches. 

This is also the reason why Egg Head became an island belonging to the World Government. 

Fans are also curious about what will happen next in the adventure in this new arc. 

However, there is interesting speculation about this.

The Vegapunk Clones

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: Mecha War in Egg Head!

In chapter 1062, it was revealed that the figure of Vegapunk turned out to have many clones. 

There are six clones that Vegapunk created, where according to information, the six clones represent the nature and character of humans - or Vegapunk. 

They are Shaka, Atlas, Pythagoras, Edison, Lillith, and Yoke/York. 

Based on the explanation from CP-0, the six satellites were deliberately created by Vegapunk.

This is because Vegapunk is a very busy figure. He needs more than one body to do things. 

The creation of this clone or satellite is proof of the intelligence of the Vegapunk figure. 

On the other hand, this is also proof that his thinking is indeed very far ahead. 

Vegapunk has also researched genetic engineering, which is not surprising if he is able to create clones.

And speaking of the Vegapunk clone or satellite, there is an interesting speculation among fans. 

The six clones may be robots or mechas or cyborgs. That is, they are not 100% human. 

In speculation, there is a possibility if the clones can merge with each other to later become a giant robot.

The concept is similar to the Megazord in the Power Rangers story or the Docking technique in the One Piece series. 

Docking itself we have seen in the battle against Oz in the Thriller Bark arc. 

At that time, almost all of the Straw Hat crew were involved in this Docking technique. 

Although not 100% capable of defeating Oz, the Docking technique was able to make Luffy's monster injured and weakened.

When the six of them fuse, their robotic bodies will be very large and have various functions. 

Even though Vegapunk hadn't explained about this yet, it could be that he had already prepared it for an emergency or danger. 

For example, when the island of Egg Head is under attack. 

Or when Vegapunk's life is in danger.

Sunny So Mecha?

One Piece 1064 Spoiler Reddit: Mecha War in Egg Head!

When the six Vegapunk clones actually turned into giant robots, how then would they be defeated? 

None other than by using other robots. 

However, doesn't Luffy and the Straw Hat crew have robots? 

This is the moment for Franky to shine, where he will probably build a mecha in Sunny's "body".

Another speculation circulating among fans is that the Egg Head arc will be Franky's arc. 

As we know, several Oda arcs are used as moments to make a character "the main star".

If in the Whole Cake Island arc it was Sanji who became the main focus and the Wano arc made Zoro the main focus, then in the Egg Head arc it was Franky's turn.

Using a variety of advanced technology and equipment on the island, Franky will make the Sunny a different ship. 

Sunny will be able to transform into a robot/mecha. 

And this will be a way for the Straw Hats to then face the combination of the Vegapunk clones. 

Franky building the Mecha Sunny is probably one of the epic moments in this arc.

Even though mecha battles were unprecedented, considering their existence on the future island it felt like mecha battles weren't impossible. 

Moreover, since the beginning of the story in this arc, we have been presented with many epic things related to Vegapunk's creation technology.

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