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One Piece 1064: Revealed Marine Members Who Will Betray the World Government, Who is He?


One Piece 1064 has been a long-awaited wait by many fans.

Chapter 1064 is predicted to feature a very interesting surprise.
In the previous chapter, as is known, the island of Chocolate was frozen, Cracker, whose whole body was frozen, and Brulee, who was crying because Pudding was kidnapped by someone.

In the previous chapter it has not been shown who has kidnapped Pudding, but if you look at the conditions that have occurred on the island of Chocolate, it is certain that the person who has kidnapped Pudding is Aokiji who has been ordered by Blackbeard.

Most likely in the upcoming One Piece 1064 there will be a surprise where Aokiji is bringing Pudding to Blackbeard's headquarters.

Then fans will be shown another surprise regarding the fight between Blackbeard and Law, in which Blackbeard wants to take all copies of the Road Poneglyph.

There is an assumption that later Blackbeard will succeed in defeating Law and will take a copy of Law's Road Poneglyph.

After that Blackbeard will return to headquarters and will meet Aokiji who is carrying Pudding.

So Blackbeard will ask Pudding to read the Road Poneglyph, because according to Big Mom's words if the third eye race when the third eye rises can read the Road Poneglyph.

Then there is a new surprise that will be shown in the upcoming One Piece 1064.

It will be revealed some members of the Navy who are predicted to betray and turn against the World Government.

As is known if the World Government is the supreme ruler, they often act evil.

In fact, it is not uncommon for them to destroy an island and its inhabitants just because they are considered a threat to the World Government, for example the incident of the Lulusia and Ohara Kingdoms.

The World Government is also very good at turning the facts around to protect their own name.

While the Navy can be said to be an accomplice of the World Government, the Navy obeys any instructions from the World Government.

But there are some members of the Navy who seem to disagree with the World Government.

Because they still show sympathy and good morals, therefore they are predicted to betray and oppose the World Government.

The people from the Marines who will betray the World Government are first SWORD members such as X Drake, Coby, Helmeppo, Hibari and Prince Gruss, Then there is Admiral Fujitora.

Admiral Fujitora has also shown his disapproval with the World Government, Besides that, there are also Smoker and Tashigi, they both still seem to have morals and the last one is Monkey D Garp.

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