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One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Trafalgar Law Activate King's Haki To Fight Blackbeard

 Trafalgar Law reappeared in the official One Piece 1063 spoiler, after it was last shown at the end of the Wano Arc.

 Interestingly, in the One Piece 1063 spoiler Trafalgar Law doesn't seem to be in a 'fine' condition.

In the spoiler of One Piece 1063, it is shown that Trafalgar Law et al have to deal with the Blackbeard Pirates.

So, can Trafalgar Law, Bepo, and friends fight Blackbeard, Burgess, Van Augur, and others?

One Piece 1063 is confirmed for release this week, and as usual the official spoilers ahead of the official manga have appeared.

There are several interesting things that are shown in the spoiler of One Piece 1063, one of which is Trafalgar Law and the Heart Pirates who were blocked by Blackbeard et al.

In accordance with the predictions of the Gorajuara team in the article Okay One Piece Theory: Trafalgar Law To Hachinosu Island! The Rocky Port Incident Recurs? that Trafalgar Law will head to Hachinosu Island which incidentally is Blackbeard's territory.

Previously, chapter 1056 showed Luffy, Eustass Captain Kid, and Trafalgar Law who decided to leave Wano.

The three captains of the 'Worst Generation' or commonly referred to as Supernovas chose different paths for their next destination.

Based on the log pose, the destination island points in three directions; Northeast, East and Southeast.

Trafalagar Law chose to go towards the Northeast.

If you refer to the One Piece world map, then indeed the island that will be the destination of Trafalgar Law is Hachinosu Island which incidentally is one of Blackbeard's territory.

Blackbeard himself had guessed that one of the three captains; Luffy, Eustass Captain Kid, and Trafalgar Law, will go to his territory after leaving Wano.

Sure enough, it turned out that Trafalgar Law was one of the three captains who crossed Blackbeard's territory.

In the spoiler of One Piece 1063, Tralafalgar Law was immediately 'welcomed' by Kurohige et al even before he and the Heart Pirates group set foot in the port of Hachinosu Island.

Blackbeard did not come alone, he was with several of his division commanders such as: Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q and his horse named Stronger.

Seeing the unfavorable situation, Trafalgar Law chose to flee to an uninhabited island near Hachinosu Island with his Ope Ope no Mi ability.

However, in an instant Burgess was able to arrive at the island where Trafalgar Law was, thanks to Van Augur's devil fruit ability; Wapu Wapu no Mi, which turns out to have the ability to teleport.

Burgess immediately attacked Trafalgar Law by throwing a hill at him, which was later discovered to be the effect of his devil fruit power; Riki Riki no Mi.

On the other hand, Doc Q and Blackbeard arrived riding Stronger, and Doc Q also immediately attacked and tried to turn Trafalgar Law into a woman with his devil fruit powers.

However, Trafalgar Law managed to fend off Doc Q and Burgess' attacks with the power of his King's Haki!

Trafalgar Law said that he had learned a lot from his battles with Kaido and Big Mom, that powerful Haki can break the power of devil fruits.

Blackbeard immediately told Trafalgar Law that he would take a copy of Kaido's Road Poneglyph.

Blackbeard was sure that Trafalgar Law must have it.

In the last part of the One Piece 1063 spoiler, it is shown that Trafalgar Law is ready to fight it out against Blackbeard and his crew for a copy of the Road Poneglyph.

Can Trafalgar Law with his King's Haki beat Blackbeard et al?

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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