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One Piece Spoiler: Blackbeard Vs Law!

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Blackbeard Vs Law!

In the previous chapter, we saw how the facts about Vegapunk finally came to light

The female figure who appears in Chapter 1061 and claims to be Vegapunk turns out to be one of the clones of the scientist.

As it turned out, there were six other clones that Vegapunk created to assist him in his work.

Also, we see surprising and confirmed facts regarding the relationship between Kuma and Jewelry Bonney.

So, what happens in the next chapter? Chapter 1063 has the title "My Only Family."

In the cover image, we see a frozen Charlotte Cracker and Brulee crying. Brulee then says that Pudding has been kidnapped.

The story then opens with Luffy, Chopper, Bonney, and Jinbe changing their clothes.

Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney change their clothes into a special machine created by Vegapunk. Meanwhile, Jinbe wore Hawaiian clothes.

They then met with Kuma. But the figure of Kuma is a police robot in a uniform.

This robot is different from the "Sleeping Kuma" figure, where he wears sunglasses and has a robotic shoulder.

Kuma then attacked them. When Luffy was about to hit Kuma, Bonney stopped him.

According to Bonney, Kuma is his biological father and his only family.

We then get to see a picture of a young Kuma carrying Bonney when he was a child.

Unfortunately, we will not see what the fate of the other straw hats will be in this chapter.

Moving to another place, we will see Blackbeard attacking Law in the middle of the ocean.

Blackbeard is not alone. He brought with him Jesus Burgess, Van Augur, Doc Q, and Stronger.

They all have devil fruit powers now, it turns out.Jesus Burgess has the power of the "Riki Riki no Mi devil fruit," where he has very unreasonable or abnormal strength and power.

Later, Doc Q has the power of the devil fruit Shiku Shiku no Mi ("Shiku" is a Japanese word for "sick").

Van Augur possesses the devil fruit Wapu Wapu no Mi ("Wapu" is the Japanese pronunciation of the word "warp"), with which he is able to teleport.

Meanwhile, for Stronger, he has the power of the Uma Uma no Mi devil fruit, model: Pegasus. This devil fruit is of the mythical Zoan type.

One Piece 1063 Spoiler: Blackbeard Vs Law!

Law vs. Blackbeard's Group

If you know the situation is not good, then go to the nearest island.

However, Van Augur then chased after him with his teleportation devil fruit.

He first moved Burgess, and Burgess himself, when he got there, immediately attacked Law.

He lifted a mountain and threw it at Law.

Doc Q then arrives riding Stronger, and Blackbeard is on top of them both.

Doc Q had managed to turn Law into a woman for a while, but before then Law used his Haki power to escape the power of the devil fruit.

Law said that a very strong Haki power was able to neutralize the power of the devil fruit.

He explains that he learned about it in the fight against Big Mom and Kaido.

What's extraordinary is that Law seems to be using another type of Haki.

The reason is that when Law uses the power of Haki, white lightning appears instead of black, as we saw before when someone used Conqueror Haki.

Blackbeard then appeared before Law.

He also wondered which of the three captains who left Wano would arrive first to meet him.

On the last page, Blackbeard and Law are ready to fight. Blackbeard said that he also planned to take all of their road petroglyphs.

And Law himself was not afraid of Blackbeard's threat. Good news: no break for next week.

This means that Chapter 1064 will be published as scheduled. And the possibility of the leak itself will appear on October 19 or later.

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