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One Piece 1063 Spoiler Reddit: Egghead Is A Franky Arc, Has A New Design At The End Of The Story

One Piece 1063 Reddit manga spoiler, Egghead being one of the Franky Arc, besides having new powers and designs at the end of the story.

The next One Piece will not be about physical combat but will be a part of technology.

We see Vegapunk with his crazy and strange abilities.

Franky in the future crew shipbuilder can take his incredible cyborg body to a whole new level.

Franky will be like vegapunk in later stages.

The world of One Piece is full of incredible creatures and impossible powers, but even in that context Franky stands out as an oddity.

When introduced, Franky is "just" a human who inserts some mechanical parts into his body.

But during the two years he spent, he used the blueprints and laboratory of renowned scientist Dr. Vegapunk to take his cyborg body to the extreme.

Throughout the series it is revealed that Franky has actually replaced most of his organic body with technological devices, becoming more of a machine than a human.

Franky hides various powerful weapons that he uses in battle.

But it's also a cute kit that pleases the Straw Hats' most impressionable fellows, like Luffy and Chopper.

The last chapter hinted that in the future Franky could lose what little remains of humans.

When his new bounty poster arrived, it didn't show Franky himself, but the iconic bow of the Thousand Sunny, the ship he had designed and built.

At the end of the Egghead chapter, Frany will experience a Buff.

That's the One Piece 1063 spoiler circulating from Reddit.

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