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One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoiler: Luffy and Bonney Become Vegapunk Experiment Materials in Biggest Project

One Piece 1062 Reddit spoilers talk a lot about the secrets of the island of Egghed that will be revealed.

Even some Reddit theories explain that the island of Egghed is no different from the Thriller Bark conflict.

We're going to take a look at Vegapunk's big project to Make Luffy and Jewerly Bonney an experiment.

Because their devil fruit powers are strong and rare.

As is known, Vegapunk is a mad scientist who has created an android seraphim and cloned devil fruit.

We have seen some of his artificial power robots in One Piece chapter 1061.

Speculation Thriller Bark will have the same plot or story as Egghead.

Vegapunk can steal Luffy then be able to make robots or seraphim from him.

Potentially where all Strawhats have to defeat Robot-Luffy.

Franky decides to put out a new version of Tactics-15, and Robin joins this time. This could be a wild Oars parallel!

Franky saw all the creations made by Dr. Vegapunk, and loved it at first, but after seeing how they were used (tying back what Tom told him).

He began to hate Dr. Vegapunk, just as Chopper hates what Hogback has done.

This arc will also tie up real-world ideas about scientists taking things too far, and things happening because they create unnatural phenomena.

This is because Egghead, despite being a Winter island, has a tropical forest in its center, which implies that he has finally finished building his island heating equipment.

It changes the seasons of the island into an irreversible influence on the environment.

This arc will serve to prove that Luffy is indeed God Nika.

He cannot be recreated or controlled.

No matter how one tries to confine the Nika fruit, one will find a way to be free

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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