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Chainsaw Man: How Powerful Is Makima?

Makima in the Chainsaw Man manga is depicted as a woman who works as a devil hunter.

Makima is one of the people who has a high position in his work even though it has never been discussed regarding his position.

Makima also turns out to be able to command other Devil Hunters, not only that Makima is also the only person who is shown to be close to Japanese officials.

But the figure of Makima in the Chainsaw Man story itself is very mysterious because the power he has is unreasonable.

It turns out that Makima works as a Control Devil. Control Devil is the embodiment of human fear of the concepts of control, subjugation, and control.

But unlike most other devils who are ugly and shaped like monsters, Makima is one of the few devils who resemble humans.

This indicates that Makima does not hate humans at all and can even be friends with humans.

Furthermore, regarding his abilities, the first according to his name he can control or control other creatures that are considered lower than him.

Both humans and devils can also be controlled.

 He can also use the devil abilities he controls and combine them however he wants.

He is also seen to be able to release Psychic powers or you could say kill without touching, ranging from just staring at the enemy to pointing at the enemy.

Then makima can also use this ability with a very long distance, on the condition that he must use sacrifice.

Here the victim only needs to cover his eyes and say the name of the target then the target's body will explode and leave only his clothes.

Not only that, Makima can also teleport anywhere he likes by using the creatures he controls in the area he wants.

Makima can also find out information from around the world with the creatures controlled by him.

And lastly, Makima can be said to be immortal and immune to any attack thanks to the contract he made with the Japanese prime minister.

That is, every wound he gets will be automatically healed and transferred to Japanese citizens either in the form of disease or disaster at random.

So you can say that Makima is Overpower, even told in manga chapter 64 that Makima can fight against Darkness Devil who is called the Primal Devil.

Primal Devils are extremely powerful devils and it can be said that they have never tasted death at all, whereupon they become the embodiment of human nature's fear.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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