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One Piece 1062 Spoiler: Bartholomew Kuma Is Jewelry Bonney's Real Father!

After waiting for a long time, the long-awaited One Piece 1062 spoiler has appeared on several trusted platforms, such as Redon.

In the One Piece 1062 spoiler, there is some interesting information and as usual it will really surprise fans.

One of the shocking information in the One Piece 1062 spoiler; but actually it was predicted long ago that it was said that Bartholomew Kuma was the biological father of Jewelry Bonney!

If so, then could that be the reason for Jewelry Bonney to kill Dr. Vegapunk.

In the latest One Piece chapter; Chapter 1061 shows Jewelry Bonney who was rescued by Jinbei, after the ship of the Straw Hat Pirates had sunk due to the attack of Dr Vegapunk's giant robot Shark.

Luffy and Chopper who were also saved by Jinbei, finally pulled over to a cave near Egghead Island; the destination island of the Straw Hat Pirates after leaving Wano.

In this cave, Jewelry Bonney told Luffy, Jinbei, and Chopper that his purpose in coming to Egghead Island was to seek revenge.

Interestingly, Egghead Island is mentioned in One Piece 1061 as the headquarters of the genius scientist who works for the World Government, namely Dr Vegapunk.

So, is Jewelry Bonney's intended target of revenge is Dr Vegapunk?

If so, what was the problem with Dr Vegapunk that Jewelry Bonney wanted revenge?

It turns out that according to the allegations that we have expressed in the article Okay Theory One Piece: Jewelry Bonney Has a 'Special' Relationship with Bartholomew Kuma, Really?, In the One Piece 1052 spoiler it is revealed with certainty that Jewelry Bonney is the biological child of Bartholomew Kuma!

The fact of the father and son relationship between Bartholomew Kuma and Jewelry Bonney has been seen in One Piece chapter 908 when Jewelry Bonney managed to escape from Marineford and infiltrated Mary Geoise.

In that chapter, Jewelry Bonney seemed to shed tears when she saw how Bartholomew Kuma was treated like a pet by Tenryuubito.

This is what makes the suspicion that Bartholomew Kuma is his father.

In the spoiler of One Piece 1052, Jewelry Bonney immediately admits to Luffy, Jinbei, and Chopper that he is Bartholomew Kuma's biological son.

This also directly answers why Jewelry Bonney helped Sabo et al free Bartholomew Kuma; father.

With the revealed facts in the One Piece 1052 spoiler, it is certain that Jewelry Bonney's arrival to Egghead Island is to kill Dr Vegapunk!

This is natural considering that Dr Vegapunk had the heart to turn his father into a pacifista.

However, it is not impossible that there will be clarification given by Dr. Vegapunk regarding Bartholomew Kuma being turned into a pacifista.

It's interesting to look forward to, such as Jewelry Bonney's future journey with the Straw Hat Pirates on Dr. Vegapunk's Egghead Island.

Of course, there are still other mysteries that will be revealed in the next chapter.

That's the One Piece 1062 spoiler that the author can share.

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