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One Piece 1061 Spoilers: Jewelry Bonney's True Power Revealed!

One Piece 1061 Spoilers: Jewelry Bonney's True Power Revealed!

The name Jewelry Bonney has become a topic of discussion for One Piece fans after its appearance in One Piece 1060. 

Bonney is one of the pirates who are part of the Worst Generation with Luffy, Law, Kid, and others. 

However, unfortunately, like other Worst Generations, Bonney's figure appears less often in the story.

This is what later became the reason why many fans returned to discuss the figure of Bonney, after her reappearance in One Piece 1060. 

The figure of Bonney hemself last appeared before the timeskip occurred. 

At that time, Bonney was defeated by Blackbeard and then Sakazuki caught her. 

Bonney reappears in her quest to save Kuma in Mary Geoise.

Until now there is still not much information about one of these Worst Generations pirates that we can know. 

From what Bonney did by going to Marry Geoise to meet with Kuma and save her, it seems that Bonney has a special relationship with the Revolutionary Army or it could be that Bonney has a grudge against the government.

Bonney's Devil Fruit Power

One Piece 1061 Spoilers: Jewelry Bonney's True Power Revealed!

Jewelry Bonney itself is actually not an arbitrary figure. 

In addition to the possibility of Bonney having a connection with the Revolutionary Army, she also has a very extraordinary devil fruit. 

Until now, fans still don't know what the name of the devil fruit that Jewelry Bonney is consuming is. 

To be sure, this devil fruit is a Paramecia type where Bonney can manipulate the age of the enemy or other people.

In fact, Bonney can also manipulate her own age. 

For example, when Bonney tried to infiltrate Mary Geoise she disguised herself as a grandmother. 

With the power of her devil fruit, Bonney can turn someone into a child or into an old man, in an instant. 

Because of her power which is considered overpowered, it is natural that Bonney is always shown eating large portions of food.

That's probably because Bonney needs a lot of energy to use her devil fruit. 

And most importantly, no matter how much Bonney ate, she didn't turn out to be fat. If geeks pay attention, Bonney's figure is similar to Big Mom, who has a big appetite. 

However, the possibility of a large appetite has something to do with the power that Bonney has.

By being able to manipulate age, it is difficult to guess or know how old Bonney is today. 

It could be that he is still young, but it could also be that Bonney is actually old. 

This means that Bonney is indirectly an "eternal" figure. 

It means indirectly, this devil fruit is the secret of "youthful" from Jewelry Bonney's figure. 

However, there may be other potential that this devil fruit has.

We still don't know if Bonney has awakened her devil fruit powers. 

However, it was possible that Bonney was still using her standard powers. 

The full potential of the devil fruit itself is still not fully revealed. 

Maybe, something very extraordinary will happen when Bonney succeeds in resurrecting her devil fruit.

Bonney's Role In Upcoming Saga

One Piece 1061 Spoilers: Jewelry Bonney's True Power Revealed!

Bonney's appearance in chapter 1060 provides an opportunity that Bonney will become an important figure in the next story. 

For now, we still don't know what the plot will be and what role Bonney will play in the story. 

However, it is possible that her role will be very important. 

This would be consistent with what happened to Law and Kid in the previous arc.

Towards the end of the series, Oda may have prepared the time and moment to present all the information fans want about Bonney. 

And it was only a matter of time before that moment appeared. 

When that moment comes, maybe we will see the next potential of Bonney's devil fruit power. 

We look forward to the continuation of the story in the next chapter.

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