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One Punch Man: Saitama Raises a New Monster?

One Punch Man: Saitama Raises a New Monster?

After the very long Monster Association arc officially ended in chapter 167 yesterday, fans are getting ready for the latest arc. 

In the previous arc, many epic things happened like how Saitama fought Garou. 

And of course what stole the fans' attention the most was the appearance of God, who might be the last villain in the series.

Saitama also managed to defeat the figure of Cosmic Garou with his devastating blow, Zero Punch. 

Garou returns to being a good person where he realizes his mistakes, and tries to make amends for his mistakes by doing good. 

On the other hand, the other heroes now have to undergo a period of rehabilitation due to cosmic radiation thanks to Garou's previous Cosmic attack.

On the other hand, Saitama and Genos, unaffected by cosmic radiation, are trying to find the remains they can find from the ruins of their apartment. 

An interesting thing then appears in chapter 171, where we see the fact that there are still two monsters left from the previous epic battle. 

They are Black Sperm and Overgrown Rover.

However, there is an interesting thing that then happens where Saitama actually really likes Rover. 

Seeing this, Black Sperm himself then tried to get Saitama's attention. Because there is no safe place anymore, the Black Sperm tries to live together with Saitama. 

Black Sperm itself is a monster who knows that Saitama is a strong figure, where he saw when Saitama beat Garou.

Saitama Will Keep The Two Monsters?

One Punch Man: Saitama Raises a New Monster?

Then, what will happen to the two monsters? 

It is unlikely that Saitama will defeat or destroy both of them. Why? It seemed that he really liked Rover, even though he was a monster. To Saitama, Rover is still a cute dog just like a normal dog. 

Meanwhile, Saitama will not finish off the Black Sperm because he is not a threat.

As explained in the chapter, the monster is currently at its weakest. Even a puppy will be able to beat him. 

Because of that, he tried to be able to live with Saitama. 

This will protect him from various threats from other heroes. 

Will Saitama then accommodate the two of them? 

We still have to wait for the next chapter.

However, if we look at the storyline of the webcomic, the two of them will indeed become "pets" of Saitama. 

Chapter 171 itself adopts 95% of the storyline from the webcomic version in chapter 95. 

The latest post-Monster Association story itself is Neo Heroes Saga, where the first arc of this saga is the Psychic Sisters arc. 

In the story, there are two monsters who survived the previous battle.

They are Black Sperm and Overgrown Rover. The two monsters forced and convinced Saitama to accept them to live in his apartment. 

And in return, they are ready to become servants for Saitama. 

So, there is a possibility that in the next chapter Saitama will bring them both back to his new apartment.

However, what needs to be noted is whether Yusuke Murata will actually adapt this latest arc entirely based on the ONE version. 

As geeks know, Murata often presents differences in the storyline of his manga from the webcomic version. 

Although the common thread of the story will remain the same, Murata will present various changes at several points. 

For example, maybe Saitama will not accept the two of them to live together in his apartment.

So Saitama's Big Threat?

One Punch Man: Saitama Raises a New Monster?

If Saitama then really accepts Overgrown Rover and Black Sperm in his apartment, then this will be the beginning of Saitama's "devastation". 

In the webcomic version, without Saitama realizing that by taking care of the two monsters, the defense system in the apartment detects danger.

They finally fielded an army of robots to destroy the threat from the monster. 

However, Saitama then easily destroys Metal Knight's robots. 

He thought the robots were after his life. 

Even so, it turns out that there is something else that Saitama is not aware of.

There is a potential that the secret of Saitama's power will be revealed. 

Why is that? How to? 

After Saitama destroyed the robots that were originally deployed to destroy the two monsters that lived with Saitama, Metal Knight then saw the recordings of the robots. 

The goal is to find out who the perpetrators have destroyed the defense system.

However, what happened was that Metal Knight found a big surprise where he realized the potential for tremendous power within Saitama. 

After seeing the footage, Metal Knight came to the conclusion that Saitama was behind all the destruction. 

In addition, he also realized that the formidable power of the main protagonist was actually equal, or even greater, than the various other S-class heroes. 

Will Saitama's power be revealed by the two monsters?

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