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One Piece: Why Do Seraphim Look Like Shichibukai?

The navy seems to be really serious about treating the former Shichibukai as pirates like they used to. Even though they have worked together with each other, it seems that as a result of the system being disbanded, they have become enemies again. 

This happened after the Reverie incident yesterday, because the Shichibukai were actually considered a big threat.

Hunting the former Shichibukai is certainly not easy. 

The reason, they are pirates who have tremendous power. And knowing this, the navy actually mobilized their strongest fleet to capture them. We can see this in chapter 1059 which is the latest chapter in the series. 

The chapter reveals how the navy deployed a full fleet to capture the former Shichibukai Boa Hancock on the Amazon Lilly island. 

In addition to the large number of troops, one thing that is interesting in this moment of capture is the emergence of new Pacifista technology.

As we know, Pacifista is a technology made by Vegapunk for the navy. Its purpose is as an additional force for the navy to capture various powerful pirates. 

After we saw how awesome the Pacifista was in the Sabaody arc, in this moment the awesomeness of the Pacifista increased drastically. 

In fact, they are using the latest model which has the name “Seraphim.”

Made By SSG

Although so far there has been no confirmation, most likely the latest Pacifista model which has the name 'Seraphim' is the result of the development of the SSG or Special Science Group. 

SSG is the creation of Dr. Vegapunk, the most genius figure in the One Piece story. This group was deliberately formed to replace the position of the Shichibukai as one of the greatest forces in the series.

For now, unfortunately, we don't know much about the SSG organization. What's interesting about this latest Pacifista model is its appearance. 

They appear to have black wings and have a dark brown skin color. Judging from the characteristics of the Pacifista Seraphim, this reminds us of the figure of King. 

Given what happened to King before, where he was the subject of Vegapunk's research, it's possible that the Lunarian King's DNA became the basis for developing the Seraphim.

Having the Face of a Shichibukai

There are other interesting things about Seraphim regarding his appearance. 

In addition to having physical characteristics similar to the Lunarian race, the face of this Seraphim also turned out to be surprising. 

They have faces that are very similar to the Shichibukai when they were children. 

What distinguishes it is in the pupil of his eye there is a cross, which indicates that it is not human.

This fact was revealed after Marigold revealed what she saw while fighting against one of the Seraphim. 

According to him, the figure of the Pacifista that he fought had a face that was very similar to that of his older brother, Boa Hancock. 

This also invites a big question, how then they can make a face model that is similar to the Shichibukai when they were young.

The most logical answer is again similar to what happened to King or Arbel. In King's flashback in chapter 1035, it was revealed how young Kaido escaped from the World Government's facility lab. 

However, before escaping, he then saved another figure, namely Alber / Arbel, which Kaido named King. They were both the subject of Vegapunk's research. 

The same seems to have happened to Boa Hancock and the other Shichibukai. 

Moreover, if we see or know the track record of Hancock's figure in the past. 

As we know, Hancock and her three sisters were former slaves for the sky dragons before she ran away and was saved by Rayleigh. As slaves, they certainly couldn't do much.

In fact, how Hancock has the power of her own devil fruit is also the result of the sky dragons who gave it to Hancock so that they were entertained by the power. 

It could be, Hancock is one of the other research subjects from Dr. Vegapunk after he received the power of the Mero Mero no Mi. 

Vegapunk probably wants to know how the devil fruit that has been eaten by humans reacts.

Vegapunk certainly keeps the DNA data from Hancock after the research he did in the past. And he then used it to apply to Pacifista. 

We can see this from the figure of Kuma, who was the subject of Pacifista's initial research. At the beginning of its development, all forms of these weapons have a form like Kuma. 

This is also likely to happen to Hancock and the other Shichibukai which later became the answer to why the Seraphim's face had the face of a Shichibukai.


So, why then does the Seraphim have the shape of a Shichibukai face? Because, it is possible that when the Shichibukai made an agreement with the navy, they also had to agree to be the subject of the navy's research. 

For now, fans can only speculate until Oda Sensei gives a definite answer regarding this.

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