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One Piece 1062 Reddit Spoiler: Stronger than Kaido, Vegapunk Becomes a Tough Figure Facing Luffy

One Piece 1062 manga spoiler from Reddit, will Vegapunk be the enemy for SHP nakama?

If true, then Vegapunk is ready to become a formidable figure that Luffy will face next.

Even Vegapunk scientists are considered stronger than Kaido with the abilities and several creations he has.

Monkey D Luffy's devil fruit is the Hito Hito no Mi with the element of Nika's freedom.

This devil fruit that Dr Vegapunk can exploit if he has evil intentions.

Because Nika's power is based on the user's imagination like Mugiwara.

And that means, Luffy has been gifted with whatever power he can think of.

Because of that terrible power, Luffy's life could be threatened at this time.

If Dr. Vegapunk was ambitious and had evil intentions, he must be very obsessed with snatching that power from Luffy.

In fact, Dr Vegpunka can be a more difficult opponent than Kaido because of his ingenuity.

We see Dr Vegapunk's Technological Power and Abilities are said to have surpassed people's thinking for the next 500 years.

Countless how many deadly technologies he has created.

We can see from cyborg animals, Kairoseki weapons, Pacifista to Seraphim.

He might have invented even absurd technologies, such as sea stone armor, mind-reading helmets and weapons of destruction.

What if Vegapunk and the people who are part of SSG decide to divide one collective brain among many bodies.

Vegaunk was also judged to be able to link everyone's brains together so they were on the same wavelength.

It can be seen from the figure of the woman who claims to be Vega and the robot on the island

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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