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One Piece 1061 Spoiler: Revealed Why Bonney Is In Danger in Previous Chapter

In the previous One Piece Chapter 1060, Jewelry Bonney was in danger.

He was caught in a strange whirlpool.

Luckily the Straw Hats passed his location, so he could be saved from the vortex.

Why is Bonney in danger in One Piece chapter 1060?

Had he been in Lulusia and survived, and the mysterious whirlpool was created from this phenomenon?

Does not seem.

According to One Piece 1061, this is Bonney's situation!

1. Bonney is now with Luffy, Jinbe, Chopper

In One Piece 1061, when Bonney wakes up he asks, "Where did that monster go?!"

Then he realized the monster he was referring to was beneath him.

The monster Bonney was referring to was a robot shark, which even attacked the Thousand Sunny.

Jinbe then helped Luffy, Chopper, and Bonney... but they ended up being separated from the rest of the crew who were still on the Thousand Sunny.

2. Why is Bonney in trouble in chapter 1060?

After he survived, Bonney had a chance to talk to Luffy.

Jinbe then asked what happened to Bonney's crew. Bonney replied he came alone.

Then Bonney also explained that the metal monster previously ate the ship.

So it seems that it was because the ship was eaten that Bonney was in her situation in chapter 1060.

Therefore, the theory I thought about in chapter 1060, that Bonney might have been carried away by the whirlpool from Lulusia, is clearly wrong.

But why did Bonney go alone to Egghead?

It was Bonney who explained to Luffy that they were at Egghead, the island where Vegapunk's research lab is located.

Bonney says Vegapunk is the reason he's there. They have business.

3. What do you think is the reason Bonney is looking for Vegapunk?

This is the theory part.

Bonney was seen shedding tears seeing Kuma's condition at Mary Geoise. It gave the impression that he cared about Kuma.

Kuma ends up being saved by the Revolutionary Army, but Kuma's true personality does seem to have been wiped out.

When Dragon talks to Kuma in chapter 1058, Kuma's speech style resembles that of a robot.

If Bonney realized this, he might be looking for Vegapunk to recover Kuma.

Again, this is theory. But I think this is the most compelling reason for Bonney to try to find Vegapunk in Egghead.

Now that's the situation in One Piece 1061 that gives the answer to why Bonney is in danger.

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