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One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

The Straw Hats' bounty value has finally increased. 

As many people had predicted that the big battle at Onigashima would definitely grab a lot of people's attention. 

This is natural considering how massive the level of the battle is, and also the number of people involved in the battle. 

We can see this from the number of Luffy's alliance troops which reached more than five thousand people.

With the moment of the battle in Onigashima being the center of attention of many parties, it means that inevitably those involved in it will be increasingly popular and become the target of the navy and the World Government in One Piece. 

After being involved in a very big event, inevitably the Straw Hats' bounty value will increase drastically. 

Here are the latest bounty scores from the Straw Hat crew.

Nami – 360,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Nami is one of the three weakest Straw Hat pirate crews. 

However, that does not mean she can be underestimated when dealing with the enemy. 

Nami was once a thieving cat and was once an underling of the Arlong pirates, which gave her little fighting ability. 

This ability is often used by Nami in various battles.

Nami's ability increased after she had one of Big Mom's Homies, namely Zeus. 

We can see this in the battle against Ulti, where thanks to the cooperation of Zeus and Nami, they were able to conquer one of the Flying Six. 

Nami's own bounty is said to be able to reach 360 million Belly, a number that is quite extraordinary considering how Nami's achievements in the Wano arc are.

Brook – 380,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Brook is one of the most influential characters in the Whole Cake Island arc, where Big Mom herself really likes Brook. 

He is also able to match Big Mom's strength even if only briefly. During the battle at Onigashima, Brook didn't seem to be fighting much other than helping the others pave the way for Luffy to the roof.

The rest, Brook is a figure who accompanies and helps Robin to escape from CP-0. 

Even so, this contribution was enough to help the Straw Hat crew win the battle. 

And if there wasn't Brook, maybe Robin would have been caught by CP-0. 

We still don't know the exact value of the bounty, although the speculation is at 380 million Belly.

Usopp – 500,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

The sniper of the Straw Hat Pirates. Usopp was an early member of the crew where he joined the Syrupp Village arc. 

Since he first appeared in the story, 

Usopp has been known to have advantages in terms of using a catapult. 

However, over time, Usopp showed an increase in his strength in terms of weaponry and at the same time also in terms of precise shooting.

While in Onigashima, Usopp didn't fight too much like Nami. 

He just ran from one floor to another with Otama to give Kibi Dango. 

Even so, Usopp was also the one who later saved the lives of Kikunojo and also Kinemon who was seriously injured in the previous fight. 

Like Franky, Usopp's bounty is still unconfirmed. However, the number is likely to reach 500 million Belly.

Franky – 400,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Franky is one of the strongest Straw Hat crew after Luffy, Zoro, Sanji, and Jinbe. 

In this battle at Onigashima he helped Luffy's alliance quite a lot to win. Previously, Franky was able to make Big Mom angry after he crushed her in the face. 

And the peak of Franky's own adventure is when he fights against Sasaki.

One of the Flying Six members was enough to give Franky trouble, before Sasaki was defeated. 

Some fans feel that Franky's fight is less epic, like in the Dressrosa arc. 

However, apart from that, Franky's contribution during this battle was enormous. 

Franky's new bounty has yet to be confirmed. However, the latest figures reportedly touch 400 million Belly.

Monkey D. Luffy – 3,000,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Luffy's previous bounty was 1.5 billion Belly, a fantastic value and the highest bounty value if you look at his other Supernova colleagues. 

Fans have long predicted that Luffy is the one who will most likely beat Kaido in this arc, and this prediction has finally been proven as we saw in chapter 1050 yesterday.

With one more powerful pirate, Luffy conquered, of course, making him even more dangerous and becoming the target of the navy. 

Moreover, Luffy managed to defeat the most powerful creature in the world and the most "expensive" pirate with a bounty of 4 Billion Belly. 

In yesterday's chapter, it was revealed that Luffy's bounty is now at 3 billion Belly, a number much larger than Blackbeard's and almost the same as Shanks' figure.

Roronoa Zoro – 1,101,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Zoro is Luffy's right hand man with great strength. 

He is also one of the strongest swordsmen in the story. Zoro has a dream to become the strongest swordsman in the world, defeating Mihawk. 

Slowly but surely, Zoro is trying to make his dream come true, even though it feels like it's still very far for Zoro to surpass Mihawk.

Zoro's own bounty will increase quite high after this Wano arc. The reason is, Zoro is able to deal directly with Kaido and also BigMom. 

In fact, Zoro was able to defeat Kaido's right hand, namely King who is part of the Lunarian race.

And this is proven where Zoro's bounty is now at 1.3 billion, which is a very fantastic lift.

Sanji – 1,032,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Sanji is one of the three monsters in the Straw Hat crew, apart from Zoro and Luffy. 

Throughout the battle of Onigashima, there are many epic moments that occur, especially for the figure of Sanji. 

For example, how Sanji managed to awaken the tremendous power in him thanks to activating the Raid Suit. 

And the effect of that was that he was able to fight against Queen.

The fight between Sanji and Queen became one of the fights that got enough attention from the fans. 

Queen herself is the second strongest figure in the Beast pirate group. 

However, unfortunately, this turned out to be not enough to increase Sanji's bounty, where Jinbe had a much bigger bounty. 

We still don't know if there are other factors that make Sanji's bounty smaller than Jinbe's.

Jinbe – 1,300,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Jinbe is a Straw Hat crew who has a dream to end the enmity between fish-men and humans, besides following Luffy and helping him realize his dream of becoming a pirate king. 

Although at first Jinbe might just want to pay off the "debt" he made to Ace before he died, but in the end he realized that Luffy is not an ordinary person.

In the battle at Onigashima, Jinbe had to deal with the Who's Who figure. 

He is a former member of CP-9 and also part of the Flying Six group. 

What's interesting about their fight is the revealing of facts about Nika's figure. Jinbe's current bounty had surpassed 1 billion Belly, which was actually too big. 

The reason is, Jinbe only faces the Flying Six, which incidentally is below the All-Stars level.

Nico Robin – 939,000,000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Talking about Nico Robin, there's actually something interesting about her figure. 

Not about the strength or character, but the game value she has. Robin's own bounty was previously only 130 million Belly. 

A number that is quite small actually if you look at who Robin really is. 

However, after what happened in Wano where Robin managed to beat Black Maria, the number might skyrocket.

In the story, Nico Robin becomes Black Maria's opponent after she takes the place of Sanji, who can't fight against her. 

The fight against Black Maria became a moment of proving her strength which had increased drastically. 

And based on available information, Nico Robin's bounty has now almost touched 1 billion Belly, which is 939 million Belly.

Tony Tony Chopper – 1000 Belly

One Piece: Straw Hat's New Bounty Value, Chopper Up 10 Times!

Chopper is the most underrated character in One Piece. 

Even so, Chopper is one of the favorite characters of the fans. 

The World Government may not be aware that behind its cute and cute face, there is a terrifying monster figure ready to destroy whatever is in front of it. 

Chopper's medical abilities also surprised Queen.

Unfortunately, based on the information in chapter 1058, it is known that Chopper's bounty value is again not very significant. 

The latest value is only 1000 Belly, which seems to show that the World Government really looks down on Chopper. 

However, the bounty value has increased 10 times from the previous 100 Belly.

Chopper is known to only fight once against Queen. However, this number is still too small.

That's the Straw Hat's bounty value. 

The great war on Onigashima in the Wano Country arc is the biggest war that has ever appeared in the One Piece story, surpassing the epic war at Marineford. 

At least that's what Oda Sensei once said about the arc. 

With the scale of the battle being so large, it seems reasonable that the bounty value of the Straw Hat crew will increase drastically.

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