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One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Confirms Shanks, The Most Powerful Conqueror Haki User!

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Confirms Shanks, The Most Powerful Conqueror Haki User!

Some time ago, Oda revealed the facts about Shanks. 

Shanks is one of the mysterious characters in the One Piece series and always makes fans curious. 

Like several other characters, Eiichiro Oda still keeps information about one of the Yonko secret. 

Because there is still little information about Shanks, there is a lot of speculation or theory about his figure that has developed among fans.

What's interesting is that although Shanks rarely appears in the story, he remains one of the most popular characters. 

However, welcoming the release of One Piece Film: Red, Eiichiro Oda released a limited booklet entitled 'One Piece 4 Billion'. 

The contents themselves contain information about Shanks, the Red Hair pirate crew, and also Uta.

In the booklet, Oda Sensei provides a little information about the film, and also about Shanks and his group. 

There are many interesting things and facts that Oda presents about the figure of Shanks, from his past to other details. 

Reportedly, the information that appears in this booklet is part of the main story alias canon.

Latest Information About Shanks

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Confirms Shanks, The Most Powerful Conqueror Haki User!

The first information is about Shanks who was on the Oro Jackson ship decades ago. 

How Shanks got to be on Roger's pirate ship and become his crew is one of the big questions that arose among fans. 

This also led to a lot of speculation and also theories about the figure of Shanks, for example Roger apparently adopted or found Shanks when he was a child.

And the theory seems to be proven based on the information in this booklet. 

Roger and Rayleigh found Shanks who was then one year old. The two then took him sailing. 

They both find Shanks hidden in a treasure chest, which they stole during the God Valley incident. 

And from then on, Shanks became part of Roger's crew.

Another interesting information is that 12 years ago or when Shanks first appeared, he already had a very large bounty of 1,004,000,000 Belly. 

That is, indeed when Shanks met Luffy he had become a very extraordinary figure. Then, about 13 years ago or one year earlier, Shanks and the Straw Hat crew managed to steal the Hito Hito/Gomu Gomu devil fruit.

They stole it from a ship belonging to the World Government. 

And after the incident, he and the Red Hair pirate crew had lived for a year around the kingdom of Goa. 

Stepping back a little further, about 19 years ago Shanks and his crew stumbled across little Uta. 

At that time, his hometown was destroyed by pirate attacks.

Uta's parents were also killed in the incident, which Shanks and his crew decided to adopt. 

When Shanks and others leaned on Foosha village and then stayed for a year, that's when Uta later met and befriended Luffy's figure.

Various Other Information

One Piece: Eiichiro Oda Confirms Shanks, The Most Powerful Conqueror Haki User!

Other information about Shanks revealed in the booklet is how it turns out that Shanks has a nickname as the "Observation Haki Killer". 

According to the explanation, Shanks' Conqueror Haki was capable of disrupting people's Observation Haki abilities or techniques. 

Thus, they would not be able to use the technique.

Oda also confirmed that Shanks is indeed the most powerful Conqueror Haki user in the series so far. 

No less interesting is the information about the Shanks family. It is very likely that another theory about Shanks is proven, that he is part of the Celestial Dragon. 

This is based on information from the booklet.

In the booklet information appears that Shanks comes from a family called Fearland. 

Why then might Shanks and his family be part of the Celstial Dragon clan? 

Because, the Gorosei themselves admit that they know the family. 

That is, they (Fearland family) are not a random family. Indeed, it still needs further confirmation on this matter.

The last fact that emerged about Shanks was how he had his own plans for the new era to come. 

Like what and how the plan is still a mystery. 

However, this may be the reason why Shanks strives to be a mediator for all parties. 

Shanks has big plans in mind.

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