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One Piece Chapter 1056: Crocodile Still Eyeing Pluton, Wano Country Is In Danger

The character Crocodile will appear in One Piece chapter 1056.

Crocodile was first introduced by Eiichiro Oda in the One Piece story during the Alabasta arc.

Crocodile is the leader of the Baroque Works organization, he is also the first character to talk about Pluton's ancient weapons.

Even Crocodile raised Robin in the Baroque Works organization to be used because of his ability to read poneglyphs.

During the Alabasta arc there was a fight involving Luffy and Crocodile, where Luffy intended to save the kingdom of Alabasta from Crocodile's plan to destroy Alabasta.

From the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1056 uploaded by a twitter account with the name @OP_NEWS2022 that Crocodile will appear in chapter 1056.

The appearance of Crocodile is related to Pluton's current location, where from the beginning Crocodile was eyeing the ancient weapon.

Just as during the Alabasta arc information about Pluto being an ancient weapon was said by Crocodile, even the Baroque Works leader knew of Pluton's destructive power.

Pluton's ancient weapon can destroy an island the size of Alabasta in just one shot.

Although when Robin was still a member of Baroque Works he did not tell Crocodile the information about pluto described in the poneglyph in Alabasta that the location of the pluton.

From the beginning Robin knew that Pluton's location was in Wano Country, this was revealed in the One Piece manga chapter 1053.

Until now, Crocodile is still eyeing Pluton's ancient weapons, although information about Pluton's location in Wano has not spread.

Regarding information about the location of Pluton, it could soon spread throughout the world of One Piece, and if that time comes then it's not only Crocodile who wants to get the weapon but the world government.

That way the Wano country will be in danger because fighting over the ancient weapons of the pluton will definitely trigger a battle from several organizations.

Therefore, in order to maintain the peace of Wano and keep the country away from irresponsible pirates, the gates of Wano will never be opened.

Because according to Sukiyaki's explanation in chapter 1055 it says that to open the gate you have to destroy the wall that surrounds Wano it means releasing pluton.

Later, Momonosuke's intention to continue Kozuki Oden's desire to open the gates of Wano will be a decision with many considerations.

Besides that no one living in Wano has ever seen Pluto's ancient weapons including Kozuki Sukiyaki.

Not only Crocodile, several other characters who are expected to appear and become the focus of the story in chapter 1056 are Mihawk, Buggy, and Kid.

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