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One Piece Chapter 1056 : Mihawk Joins Buggy, Kid Is Frightened When He Knows Shanks Is in Wano


Some of the characters that will appear in One Piece chapter 1056 are Buggy, Mihawk, Crocodile and Kid.

In the spoiler of One Piece chapter 1056, it will show some focus of discussion about Mihawk, Buggy, Kid and Crocodile.

The appearance of Crocodile is thought to have something to do with the location of the pluton's ancient weapons. While Kid relates to the existence of Shanks who is near the waters of Wano Country.

Captain Kid Eustass had a bad experience with the Akagami pirates, where when Kid challenged Yonkou Shanks to a fight he ended up losing one of his arms.

Even when he lost his arm not because of Shanks but because of one of the Akagami pirate crew.

With Shanks' presence in Wano Country, Kid doesn't know whether to challenge the yonkou Shanks for revenge or just let him go.

Kid can know Shanks' presence in Wano because he feels Shanks' haoshoku haki power that can be felt from a distance.

Not only Kid, Luffy and Jinbei also felt the power of Shanks' haoshoku haki.

He issued Haoshoku haki Shanks to incapacitate a Navy admiral, Ryokugyu.

Some One Piece fans think that chapter 1056 will also show a scene when Mihawk joins the Buggy Pirates.

By joining Mihawk in the Buggy Pirates, it will be mutually beneficial for both of them.

Currently Buggy who has been appointed as a yonkou by the government will benefit Mihawk.

Where when the Shichibukai was disbanded, Mihawk became a fugitive from the Navy because he had become an ordinary pirate, but because he joined Buggy he would have a safe place.

Mihawk can also be made a yonkou division commander if he joins Buggy.

Another reason Mihawk chose to join Buggy's pirates was because he was someone who couldn't be cut down with Mihawk's sword.

This was proven during the war at Marineford, where Luffy used Buggy as a shield to fend off Mihawk's sword attacks, and Buggy didn't feel any pain even though his body was cut.

Buggy will also benefit from having Mihawk in his pirates, because Mihawk who is the strongest swordsman in One Piece World will make Buggy no longer afraid to face stronger pirate groups.

Spoilers are circulating that the four characters will be raised by Eiichiro Oda in One Piece chapter 1056.

Although the appearance of the four characters has not been officially confirmed, some of the above possibilities can occur in the One Piece manga chapter 1056.

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