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One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

With the release of One Piece chapter 1055 yesterday which was extraordinary, fans can't wait to see how the next chapter will continue. 

For now, there is still no leaked information for the chapter. 

However, even so, the fans did not stop to present various discussions and speculations about the chapter.

Yesterday's One Piece Chapter 1055 really presented the figure of Shanks as the "main character" in the story. 

This moment seemed to show Shanks as one of the strongest Haki users, especially Conqueror Haki. 

Many fans then speculated that One Piece chapter 1056 will show more of Shanks' epic Haki abilities. 

Even though the leaked chapter hasn't appeared yet, clues about what happened seem to have started to provoke fan speculation.

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

Not without reason. 

The reason is, in the editor's note that appears in Shonen Jump magazine for the upcoming chapter 1056 there is a big clue. 

The hint has fans speculating that something big is going to happen. 

So, what is the big clue? In his writing, the editor wrote his comments for chapter 1056, namely “Feelings of collision! What is the future of the world?” or “The Great Battle Occurs! What will the future of the world look like?”

Shichibukai vs Marines

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

The first speculation that arose among fans regarding the comments from the One Piece editor was a battle between the Shichibukai and the navy. 

This speculation is quite reasonable, because as we saw in the previous chapter that the navy began to hunt down former Shichibukai after the dissolution of the system. 

And we see some of the Shichibukai are ready to face the navy.

Real examples are Boa Hancok and also Dracule Mihawk. 

The two of them were not afraid of the appearance of the navy. 

They actually challenged the navy to prove who was the strongest. This battle is one of the moments that fans have been waiting for, after what happened during the Wano Country arc. 

Fans are curious about what happened to the Shichibukai and maybe Oda will finally show the moment.

Revolutionary Army vs World Government

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

Since the beginning of the series, both the Revolutionary Army and the World Government rarely appear in the story. 

So far, the two organizations have only appeared on a few notable occasions. 

For example, in the moment of the raid of Blackbeard's group to Baltigo. 

Or when the Revolutionary Army came to the attention of the public after what happened in the Levely incident.

The World Government is also now starting to be active in various moments, after previously they only appeared occasionally. 

After the Reverie arc, the World Government began to appear a lot in the third act of the Wano arc. 

The battle of these two great organizations has indeed become one of the moments that many fans look forward to in the story. 

Moreover, the Revolutionary Army itself had a mission from the start to overthrow the power of the World Government. 

Of course, it will be interesting to see this moment of battle if then it really happens.

Other Battles

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

In addition to the two epic battles above, other speculation that may be quite reasonable is how we might see another battle in other regions. 

Considering how successful Sabo saved Kuma and his influence in many areas, it is not impossible that other regions will also start to rebel. 

They may want to emulate a region that has managed to become independent from the World Government. 

On the other hand, their wish might be to gain the support of the Revolutionary Army.

Any Other Moments?

One Piece 1056 Spoilers: The Great War Begins!

In addition to the moment of battle, there is also speculation that chapter 1056 may begin to reveal various information or moments that occur in the outside world. 

This speculation does make sense considering what we saw in chapter 1055, about how Sukiyaki explains about the history of Wano and also answers questions about Pluton's Ancient Weapons. 

Maybe, we will see how the situation in the world is today after a very long time we continue to see various things or moments that happened in Wano. 

Let's just wait, geeks, the continuation of the story in the next few days.

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