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One Piece 1059: Wano Is In Danger! Crocodile intends to take Pluton

Although One Piece 1059 will only be released next week,

There are interesting facts that you should know. This is quite surprising, namely the possibility of Crocodile coming to Wano to take one of the ancient weapons, namely Pluton!

If Crocodile really intends to take Pluton, then Wano is certain to be in danger.

So, can Akazaya Nine and Momonosuke be able to block Crocodile's intentions?

Since his appearance in the anime and manga One Piece, Crocodile has been known as a strong and intelligent Pirate.

Unfortunately, Crocodile's strength and intelligence are used to cause trouble in the world of One Piece.

One of the troubles that Crocodile did was by tearing apart one of the Ancient Kingdoms in the world of One Piece, namely Alabasta.

Interestingly, in the Alabasta Arc it is known that the purpose of his arrival there is not just to take over the Kingdom, but Crocodile intends to find one of the ancient weapons; Pluton.

So far, it is known that Pluton is one of the ancient weapons in the form of a giant warship whose blueprint was shown by Franky in Arc Water 7.

Crocodile is considered to be one of the people who know about information regarding ancient weapons; including Pluton.

However, it is not known exactly where Crocodile got the information about Pluton, even though Nico Robin, who at that time was still one of Crocodile's old 'company' agents; Baraque Works, never said anything about Pluton.

Fans will remember that when in Alabasta Nico Robin actually knew that Pluton was not in Alabasta but in Wano based on the Poneglyph in Alabasta.

In fact, interestingly Crocodile also mentions that Pluton can destroy an island the size of Alabasta in just one shot!

Crocodile argued, if Pluton would launch his dream to become a Pirate King.

It was later discovered that Crocodile is still eyeing Pluton.

It is suspected that one of the reasons Crocodile founded a new organization called the 'Cross Guild' was to find Pluton.

If so, then Wano is in great danger.

If the information about Pluton's existence in Wano reaches Crocodile's ears, then it is not impossible that he will rush towards Wano.

The presence of Crocodile will be a new threat to the new era of the leadership of the new Shogun Wano; Momonosuke and the Akazaya Nine.

However, it looks like Crocodile will hit a dead end while trying to take Pluton to Wano.

Because, with Yamato's presence and the speculation of the whereabouts of Marco The Phoenix who was reportedly there, it would certainly make it difficult for Crocodile.

Not to mention, if Momonosuke has further perfected his Dragon form and his Holo Breath shots, it is certain that Crocodile will have a really hard time.

Well, it's interesting to see if One Piece 1059 will show Crocodile's movement again?

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