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Boruto: Why is the Uchiha Clan's Dark History Restricted?

Boruto: Why is the Uchiha Clan's Dark History Restricted?

Uchiha Sarada as well as her father, Uchiha Sasuke, are part of the remaining Uchiha clan in the Boruto: Naruto Next Generations series.

You certainly know what happened to one of the founding clans of this Konoha village.

In the Naruto series, it is shown how the Uchiha clan had to die due to Itachi's actions.

He killed all members of his clan and left only his younger brother, Sasuke.

The incident became one of the most tragic that ever happened in the village of Konoha and throughout the franchise.

In connection with this incident, the fans themselves are curious about the reason why Sarada never knew about the Uchiha clan's past.

Sarada might be able to find out brief information about her father's clan, but maybe not with what really happened.

Sarada Digs into the Uchiha's Past

Boruto: Why is the Uchiha Clan's Dark History Restricted?

The Uchiha clan massacre was one of the most tragic events that ever happened in Konoha. In one night, the entire clan was killed by Itachi. 

He was forced to do this at the coercion of the figure of Danzo, who reasoned he needed to do so in order to prevent a coup. 

However, Itachi did not kill his younger brother, Sasuke.

That night, when Itachi killed the entire Uchiha clan, he even had the heart to kill his parents. 

Sasuke witnessed for himself how his parents were covered in blood. 

Since then, Sasuke has always held a very extraordinary grudge against his brother, and he even died at his hands. 

Until then he knew the truth.

Sarada herself seems to know the real facts about the tragic events that occurred with the Uchiha clan. 

She found out when reading one of the notebooks in Konoha's library. 

In the notebook there is information about the history of the Uchiha clan. 

In the series, Sarada learns that the Uchiha clan is one of the most important and oldest clans in Konoha.

And one thing that is very popular or famous from this clan is their Doujutsu ability, Sharingan. 

Sarada also knows a little about the Mangeky Sharingan. 

Even though she didn't really understand the term, Sarada also read about the Curse of Hatred that existed among the Uchiha clan.

According to the curse, the eyes of an Uchiha clan will grow to be very extraordinary when they experience extreme emotional trauma. 

When Sarada later wanted to know more information about her father, her wish was refused. 

Information about Sasuke turned out to be one of the forbidden information.

Sarada Will Know Her Clan's Past?

Boruto: Why is the Uchiha Clan's Dark History Restricted?

Konoha Village seems to be doing everything it can to carry out various means of censorship. 

In other words, Naruto is trying to "eliminate" information that happened in the past that could potentially rekindle the hatred. 

It is not impossible if then chaos will occur again, if then all the information can be accessed by anyone.

What is very unfortunate is that so far Kishimoto still has not provided a clear explanation of the reason why Sarada never knew about her past. 

Many fans are also disappointed about this. 

Even so, there are several theories that have developed among fans trying to explain this.

Information about what happened to the Uchiha clan, coupled with the deaths of those Sarada's loved ones, is widely speculated that this is a way for Sarada to later awaken her Mangeky Sharingan. 

Regardless, it may only be a matter of time until Sarada finds out that her uncle responsible for the death of the entire clan.

It could be that Sasuke is waiting for the right time and age to explain everything that happened to the Uchiha clan, including the moment of the massacre. 

Because this is a sensitive issue, while Sarada's age is still small so Sasuke is waiting for the right time to tell everything. 

And what fans will also really look forward to is how Sarada will react when she finds out about this.

However, unfortunately, it is unlikely that Kishimoto will present his story in the near future. 

The reason is, currently the storyline focuses more on the Otsutsuki clan and also other threats such as Daemon, Eida, and Code. 

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