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One Punch Man: Blast Stronger than Saitama?

One Punch Man: Blast Stronger than Saitama?

In the One Punch Man series, Blast is the number one hero in the world. 

He is also the strongest hero according to the Hero Association. 

Other heroes such as Fubuki also admit that Blast is indeed the strongest hero, considering she has known and seen his abilities. 

However, until now the character is still a big mystery to fans.

The reason is, there are still many things that are still unexplored about the figure of Blast. 

However, seeing what happened in the last few chapters and considering how important Blast is, it is likely that his character will appear more often in the story. 

One Punch Man: Blast Stronger than Saitama?

In fact, in several moments in the story, Blast has shown some of his abilities.

And since then, fans have started to debate who is stronger between Blast and Saiitama, the main protagonist in the series. 

The only way to compare these two characters is through the various achievements they have displayed or done so far. 

Blast itself still hasn't shown its true ability, so it's difficult to determine the winner.

Comparison of Saitama and Blast in One Punch Man

One Punch Man: Blast Stronger than Saitama?

Because physical strength (raw power) is not something that can be considered in terms of fighting ability, the points that are considered in this comparison are speed, endurance, power, and other strengths. 

In one of yesterday's chapters, Blast tried to stop what Garou was doing with his attacks.

However, what was surprising was that not only was Garou completely unaffected by Blast's power. 

He can even mimic the Blast attack while also attacking Saitama. 

Garou even showed his epic abilities like Nuclea Fission. 

This clearly shows that one of Blast's attacks doesn't work to injure the hero hunter, once he accesses his Cosmic Fear Mode form.

However, it is different with Saitama. 

In chapter 167 yesterday, he looked serious in dealing with Garou. Saitama decided to use a serious punch at Garou, and managed to make Garou lose momentum. 

They were both successfully transported by Blast to another planet in order to avoid a much more severe destruction of the earth.

However, epic evidence of how powerful Saitama is is when he uses the Serious Table Flip technique, which destroys the entire surface of Jupiter's moon. 

Even Garou himself was shocked and couldn't believe what was happening. 

This shows that Saitama's level of power has defeated Garou, despite his power level has now also increased dramatically.

What also needs to be considered is that Garou decides to try his best to imitate Saitama's strength and movements. 

Not the power or movement of the Blast. 

This moment provides evidence that the main protagonist of the series, Saitama has much greater power than the figure of Blast.


One Punch Man: Blast Stronger than Saitama?

Based on the comparison and explanation above, it is very difficult to fully and well compare Saitama and Blast. 

One of the reasons is because we still don't know about the true power of Blast. 

However, if we look at the two characters based on what has been in the story lately, we can conclude that Saitama is much stronger than Blast.

How Blast's attack was unable to injure Garou and also Garou who looked down on Blast, he didn't even imitate Blast's movements, provided evidence that the number one hero was still below Saitama's level of strength. 

Even so, there was certainly a reason why Blast became the number one hero.

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Stop coming out with article with clickbait title ffs , Saitama is the one above all in the series period.