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One Piece: Yonko Alliance Will Form?

After Big Mom and Kaido lost the battle at Onigashima, the World Government decided to immediately find a replacement for the two. 

The defeat of the two Yonko became a hot topic in the world of One Piece.

The reason is, the Yonko are known as the greatest power of pirates. 

And since decades ago, no one has ever managed to challenge and win against the Yonko. 

Because of that, the defeat of the two Yonko was very surprising to many people.

They can't seem to believe that one of the greatest powers in the world has become unbalanced, after the defeat of two of the four oceanic rulers. 

This is also the reason why the World Government decided to immediately find a replacement for the two.

In yesterday's chapter 1053, we learned that Monkey D. Luffy and Buggy were later chosen to be the two new Yonko. Buggy's election as a Yonko is also quite surprising to many people. 

However, whether they realize it or not, the two characters have made the Yonko now have a "connection".

Both Luffy, Blackbeard or Buggy in fact both have a past story with another Yonko figure, Shanks. 

This is what then makes the other three Yonko "connected" thanks to the figure of Shanks. What is the connection between the three of them with the figure of Shanks?

Buggy Had One Crew With Shanks

Before becoming the great pirate figure he is today, and earning the title of Yonko, both Shanks and 

Buggy had both been regular crew members on Roger's pirate ship. 

They both grew up on the pirate ship Oro Jackson. They have gone through many adventures together.

We don't know when the two of them joined the Roger pirate group. 

However, it was possible that the two of them had been on Roger's ship since they were little. 

Based on this it is natural that the connection between the two is quite deep.

Shanks and Buggy then had to separate after Roger decided to disband his crew, after he made it to Laugh Tale. 

They met again in Loguetown to witness Roger's execution.

Shanks himself had offered Buggy to join his pirate crew, but Buggy refused the offer. 

He reasons that he doesn't want to be under Shanks' control or leadership. 

Buggy then decided to form his own pirate group.

Shanks and Buggy had time to meet again in the events of the peak war at Marineford. 

They chatted for a while, when Shanks asked for help to give Luffy's body to Law. 

However, again Shanks managed to trick Buggy with the fake treasure map he promised.

Shanks Is Luffy's Inspiration

Like Buggy, Luffy also has a deep connection with Shanks. Geeks of course already know how Shanks and Luffy's initial meeting at the beginning of the series was. 

Shanks who sailed in the village of Fusha had time to meet little Luffy. 

They became close and Shanks became a "friend" for Luffy.

In fact, Shanks was willing to give half of his hand to Luffy when he was about to be pounced on by the Sea King. 

This was solely done by Shanks for the sake of betting on the figure of Luffy. 

Which is also a testament to the closeness and deep connection of the two in the straw hat that Luffy uses.

Luffy got his current straw hat from Shanks, which he also got from Roger. 

This means that there is an inheritance of will that occurs from Shanks to Luffy. 

Shanks believes that Luffy will one day become a powerful pirate.

Shanks really influences various aspects of Luffy. 

In fact, he also inspired Luffy to become a pirate. Garp himself was angry and annoyed that Shanks had set a bad example for his grandson. 

However, in fact, Luffy did indeed make Shanks his idol and role model.

Blackbeard Is Shanks' Enemy

Unlike the two characters above, the connection between Shanks and Blackbeard is not very good. 

Based on the information we know in the story, Blackbeard is the one who gave Shanks a wound.

When and where exactly this happened is still a mystery today. 

We learned about this information when Shanks visited Whitebeard's Moby Dick ship. 

At that time, Shanks wanted Whitebeard to stop Ace from pursuing Blackbeard.

Unfortunately, the advice that Ace gave was rejected outright, which resulted in Ace losing to Blackbeard. 

Blackbeard then handed Ace over to the navy and Luffy's older brother was finally decided to die by execution.

Many fans predict that Shanks and Blackbeard will meet again to fight. 

Because, Shanks still feels revenge for what Blackbeard has done. 

It's not impossible if then the fight between them will really happen.

Will There Be Another Yonko Alliance in One Piece?

The Yonko Alliance was something that had never been thought of before. 

One Yonko strength is enough to shake the world, especially if there are more than one. 

This is what then made the navy and the World Government worried when Kaido and Big Mom formed an alliance.

They argue that the alliance may bring about the destruction of the world, and upset the balance of world power. 

Now, their alliance must finally crumble and disband after being defeated by the three pirates of the Worst Generation.

Seeing the connection of the Yonko above with Shanks, an interesting question arises. Will there be another Yonko alliance? 

Reflecting on what happened to Big Mom and Kaido, this is not something that is impossible to happen.

Maybe in the future we will see how other Yonko alliances will form. 

The alliance itself likely consists of Luffy, Buggy, and Shanks. Then, who will they face in the future?

There are two possibilities that could happen. First, this Yonko alliance might face Blackbeard. 

As we know, Blackbeard is one of the strongest characters in the world today with the two strongest devil fruit powers at his disposal.

Facing Blackbeard certainly won't be the same as facing Kaido or Big Mom. 

It could be, need more strength to be able to face Blackbeard. 

And it is this alliance that might become a comparable opponent for Blackbeard.

Apart from facing Blackbeard, the opponent they might face would be the World Government. This organization is the biggest force in the One Piece series. 

Defeating or destroying the most powerful organizations in this world would require a lot of energy.

In the previous article, it was discussed that Luffy and the Straw Hats might get a lot of help to overthrow them. One of the forces that can do this is the Yonko alliance. 

Of course it will be very interesting to see Luffy, Buggy, and Shanks work together to face the World Government which will be very fitting as the closing moment in the One Piece series. 

Moreover, the three of them have a connection, as mentioned above. 

What do you think ?

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