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One Piece: Revealed Why Buggy Became a Yonkou and Shanks Warning For The World Government

The reason for the World Government to make Buggy as a Yonkou is not without reason, it turns out that Shanks is involved.

One Piece manga chapter 1054 will open with Shanks' statement until Buggy can become a Yonkou.

With Buggy becoming a Yonkou it could be an important point of what really happened outside Wano, as well as Shanks' involvement with the World Government.

All will be clear why Buggy can become a Yonkou during the battle of the Straw Hat Pirates Alliance against the Kaido Pirates Alliance and Big Mom.

Not only the fact that Buggy became a Yonko and Shanks' involvement, chapter 1045 will also be filled with information for former Shichibukai.

This is certainly a big question among One Piece lovers, because the fate of one former Shichibukai, Buggy, has been officially shown.

As Buggy has now officially become one of the Emperors of the ocean or Yonkou, of course this is a very surprising thing.

Is it possible that this could also be a role played by Akagami No Shanks when he met the Gorosei.

If the pirate Shanks was talking about was actually Buggy.

Because as we know, the seats of the Yonkou are currently occupied by people who have close ties to Shanks.

But apart from this, the news of Buggy's appointment as a Yonkou indicates that the raid by Vice Admiral Stainless and his men failed to catch Buggy.

I don't know what happened, but this is also proof of the strength of the SSG which is claimed by the World Government and the navy if the SSG's strength is much stronger than a Shichibukai.

In fact, they couldn't catch the pirate group led by Buggy, even though from the perspective of One Piece fans, Buggy was a weak character.

It could be said that Buggy's strength was much weaker when compared to the strength of the other Shichibukai such as Hankock, Weevil, and Dracule Mihawk.

The thing to remember is, the person who led the attack on the Kuja tribe which is where Boa Hankock lives is Coby.

As we know Coby has quite a proud achievement in the Navy organization, this is thanks to training with Monkey D Garp

So there is a high possibility that if Hankock is caught by Coby, as well as this strengthens Oda sensei's words, currently Boa Hankock's condition is not okay.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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