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One Piece 1055: Shiryu Predicted Will Be Zoro's Strongest Opponent in the Future


Ahead of One Piece 1055, it is predicted that Roronoa Zoro will fight Shiryu from the Blackbeard Pirates in the future.

As is known, in the world of One Piece a character who uses a sword is most likely the opponent is a sword user as well.

This shows that Zoro and Shiryu's fight is inevitable in One Piece 1055's prediction.

They are both experts in using swords, Zoro's fight against Shiryu is said to be impressive.

Meanwhile, seeing Shiryu's strength, he is a Paramecia-type Suke Suke no Mi user who turns himself invisible.

Not only that, the Suke Suke no Mi can also turn objects it touches invisible.

The former Impel Down warden is known to have obtained this Devil Fruit after killing Absalom of the Moria Pirates.

Shiryu becomes a worthy and worthy opponent for Zoro in the future One Piece story.

With his Devil Fruit powers and sword skills, he cuts through opponents without being caught.

As reported by from the OP Fanpage, one of Zoro's ways against Shiryu is to use Kenbunshoku Haki or Observation Haki.

With this form of Haki, he can feel his enemy even though he is not visible.

Therefore, Zoro must train his Kenbunshoku Haki to fight the best sword users in the Blackbeard Pirate crew.

Until One Piece 1055, Roronoa Zoro was known to master all three types of Haki.

With this power he can excel in battle even though his opponent is invisible.

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