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Boruto: Naruto Will Become a Juubi Jinchuriki?

Boruto: Naruto Will Become a Juubi Jinchuriki?

Kurama and Naruto are a pair of friends who have been inseparable for a long time. 

Although at first Kurama did not believe in humans, especially Naruto, but over time Kurama finally saw the kindness and sincerity in Naruto's figure. 

In fact, throughout the Naruto series the two became two important figures who managed to save the world.

Unfortunately, Kurama and Naruto in the end had to part ways in the Boruto series. 

As we know Kurama sacrificed himself so that Naruto could access Baryon Mode, which he used to defeat Isshiki Otsutsuki. 

Losing Kurama meant that he lost a large part of his source of power. 

Many fans then wondered what would happen to him next.

There are many theories that develop among fans who try to explain the fate of Naruto next. 

One interesting theory explains that he might turn out to be a much stronger person. 

How can Naruto become stronger after losing Kurama? 

This has something to do with the ten tailed beast that is still sealed in Isshiki's dimension.

Naruto Becomes a Juubi Jinchuriki

Boruto: Naruto Will Become a Juubi Jinchuriki?

The world is still not truly at peace after what happened before. 

Big threats continue to emerge, where the most recent is that they have to prepare for the rise of the Ten-Tailed Monster aka Juubi. 

In the fourth great shinobi war we learn that the Juubi monsters do not have the consciousness or mindset like the other Bijuu.

The Juubi are just a bunch of chakra balls that want destruction or chaos. Currently, the Bijuu are in good condition and under control. 

Therefore, the world does not need to worry about attacks from the Bijuu. 

However, another threat arises from the ten tailed beast aka Bijuu which has the potential to destroy the entire world. Currently, Juubi himself is asleep in the Isshiki dimension where Code was originally guarding the monster.

His own theory then explains that Naruto might become the next Jinchuriki for the monster. 

Considering that he no longer had Kurama, it meant that the theory did make sense. 

Because, Naruto can be the perfect container for these creatures. 

If then he is indeed able to become a Jinchuriki for the Juubi, then basically he will become the new Hagoromo Otsutsuki figure.

Naruto himself is a descendant of the figure of Hagoromo. 

In fact, he had his chakra when the Sage of the Six Paths shared some of his chakra with Naruto and Sasuke. 

That is, with the Six Paths chakra within Naruto and the chakra of the child, Asura Otsutsuki, becoming a Jinchuriki for the Juubi might be Naruto's last resort to increase his strength. 

He will become the new Sage of Six Path or have other Sage Mode powers.

What Effect Will It Have on the World of Boruto?

Boruto: Naruto Will Become a Juubi Jinchuriki?

Since the beginning of the series, we know that Boruto and Kawaki will present an epic battle on the ruins of Konoha village. 

Many fans believe that Kawaki will turn evil, due to the Karma within him. And it made him then destroy the village of Konoha. 

However, in this theory - which explains that Naruto will become the Jinchuriki Juubi - it presents the opposite story.

It wasn't Kawaki who turned evil and then destroyed Konoha. Instead, it was Boruto who later became the culprit of the destruction. That's because Boruto is out of control. 

Momoshiki who will then control Boruto's body, and then he will destroy Konoha and the shinobi world as we know it.

Seeing how Boruto was acting out of control, Naruto did his best to stop the boy. 

He might end up doing the unexpected, which is to take advantage of the power of the Juubi. 

This could be the moment that took him from his family. 

In other words, this is the moment where Naruto will decide to leave his wife and children.

Why is that? 

It was the duty of the Sage of Six Paths to become the guardian figure of the world. 

And the task forced Naruto or the Sage of Six Paths to leave their families. 

This is also what might happen to Naruto if then he really becomes the Jinchuriki Juubi and becomes a new Sage of Six Path figure.

Kawaki himself would prevent this from happening by sending him to another dimension, where Naruto would no longer be able to become a Jinchuriki. 

And Kawaki will do the same with Boruto, where he will send Boruto to the dimension where his father is. 

That way Boruto will return to the figure we knew before.


Although the theory itself sounds pretty crazy to many geeks, from a narrative perspective, there are some points that make sense. 

If then Kawaki becomes a villain and destroys the village of Konoha, then Boruto's story is no different from the previous series. 

And this will certainly disappoint fans, considering this is a sequel to the previous series.

However, if the opposite happened then it would be a big unexpected surprise. 

Apart from bringing a surprise moment for fans about Boruto's figure, this theory can also be an emotional and extraordinary "farewell" for Naruto's figure. 

Since birth Naruto has a nature that likes to protect others. 

So, it's not too surprising if he later became the figure of the new Sage of Six Paths and became the guardian of the world.

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