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One Punch Man: Garou Can Defeat Saitama?

One Punch Man: Garou Can Defeat Saitama?
The battle that fans have been waiting for from the One Punch Man manga series has finally happened in the last few chapters. 

Previously, we saw how Garou managed to destroy monsters with tremendous power like Ugly Fuhrer and Platinum Sperm with great ease. 

Garou used his immense attack speed to destroy them, a speed that even surpassed the speed of Flashy Flash.

Then, Garou also managed to defeat a very terrible monster that emerged from the underground, namely the Centi Sennin. 

With a very large size, it seems that this is not an obstacle for Garou who has succeeded in awakening his strength. 

We can see this from Garou who managed to split the body of the Centi Sennin.

The fight between them just happened in the latest chapter 162 yesterday, where we saw the fight between Garou and Saitama being able to create a very powerful vibration. 

In fact, the vibrations can be felt by everyone. 

At the end of the chapter, Saitama himself challenges Garou to a fight in order to stop all of Garou's efforts and also follow Tareo's wishes.

Although Garou has been hit by Saitama's attacks several times, but Garou doesn't seem to want to give up facing Saitama. 

Garou made every effort to beat Saitama, which in the end was to no avail. 

It had frustrated Garou, until God heard Garou's complaint. And in chapter 164 yesterday, we saw how Garou's other form awakening is. 

This time, Garou's power had already reached the cosmic level.

Saitama Finally Hurts

One Punch Man: Garou Can Defeat Saitama?

The tremendous power of Garou's latest form really gives Garou a drastic change. Aside from the appearance, the power that appeared was truly terrifying. 

We can see this in the latest chapter yesterday. 

In chapter 165, we finally saw Garou's new power. 

The martial arts attack that Garou mastered really made Saitama not believe what Garou's strength was.

In fact, Garou had time to imitate Saitama's Consecutive Normal Punch attack, both of which were both thrown after being hit by the attack. 

Then, Garou also had time to launch a Nuclear Fission punch, which shook the whole earth. 

The effect of this attack is that Saitama's armor looks damaged. And Saitama was getting annoyed with what Garou did.

However, the most epic thing happened when Garou deployed a planet-level attack called the Cosmic Gamma Ray Burst. 

The effect of this attack can be said to be the most epic attack in the One-Punch Man manga series so far. 

Not only affect the earth, the attack even affects other planets in outer space.

In this attack, we also see the existence of a black hole, which is indeed the effect of Gamma Ray Bursts in real life. 

The current state of Saitama himself has not been shown, after he was hit by the epic attack. 

However, we must admit that it is unlikely that Saitama will die. 

But, it could be, at least the attack could injure Saitama.

Can Compete with Saitama in One Puncu Man?

One Punch Man: Garou Can Defeat Saitama?

The question that then arises is whether with Garou's strength Saitama finally found a balanced opponent? 

When referring to the main theme in the series, it seems unlikely that Garou will be able to match Saitama's strength. 

Garou may have cosmic powers, but the power of Saitama far exceeds the cosmic level. 

Because of that, it's unlikely that Garou will be able to match Saitama.

Even so, with such a formidable level of power, at least Saitama finally admits that Garou has increased in strength. 

In addition, Saitama might also feel hurt by other people's attacks.

Logically, if a nuclear attack is able to damage Saitama's costume, then the devastating attack of the Gamma Ray Cosmic Burst will certainly have a slightly greater effect on Saitama.

Collaboration With Saitama in One Punch Man?

One Punch Man: Garou Can Defeat Saitama?

Garou probably won't be able to match or beat Saitama. 

However, there is an interesting theory that Garou might team up with Saitama – and Blast – to defeat God at the end of the story. 

With Garou's current cosmic level power, it seemed like a pretty reasonable theory. 

After all, Garou's cosmic power apparently has nothing to do with God's covenant, like the other characters.

In chapter 165, it was revealed that Garou realized that Bang's figure who appeared in front of him was not a real person. 

Even so, Garou didn't realize that he was a God. 

God himself said that Garou should be the vessel, but the plan failed because Garou didn't shake hands. 

Because there is no physical contact, then everything that happens to other characters who get the power of God, does not apply to Garou.

Garou himself got this cosmic power by accident, after he pushed God's hand away. 

This means that Garou has little physical contact with God and Garou himself gets free power from God. 

However, you can imagine how strong and formidable Garou would be if he really shook hands with God. Will this theory come true? 

We'll just have to wait!

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