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One Piece: The Samurai Legends of Wano!

In the Wano Country One Piece arc, Luffy forms an alliance with various parties. 

They are samurai, Mink tribe, and ninja. Samurai and ninja are two professions that are common in Wano country. 

Because, apart from being a closed area, the people still adhere to the ancient traditions. 

The abilities of the samurai and their ninja are well known beyond the Wano region.

Even so, not many of the Wano samurai had an impeccable reputation. Some of them had an average level of ability. 

Meanwhile, only a few of these samurai can be said to have epic abilities. 

Then, who are the samurai figures who fall into the Wano legendary samurai category?

Ashura Doji

Ashura Doji is one of the nine members of the Red Scabbards, who are subordinates of Kozuki Oden. 

He is one of the strongest in the group, to which Kaido himself acknowledges his strength and asks him to join the Beast pirate group. 

However, of course Ashura Doji refused it.

Ashura Doji probably died when he sacrificed himself to protect his comrades, from the fake Kozuki Oden that Kanjuro created. 

The figure of Kozuki Oden turned out to be holding a dangerous explosive. 

Not wanting his comrades killed or injured, Ashura Doji then sacrificed himself to push the fake Kozuki Oden down.

Kozuki Oden

The name Kozuki Oden may already be familiar to all geeks. Oden became one of the important figures who appeared in the Wano Country arc. 

We've seen how Oden's flashback story, starting from when he joined Whitebeard to the big conflict with Orochi and also Kaido. 

And in this arc we also see how awesome Oden.

An obvious example is how Oden took out all the bandits in the Kuri region, including Ashura Doji. 

This is what then made Ashura Doji decide to become Oden's subordinate, and Oden himself became the ruler of the region. 

Then, we also see how Oden managed to withstand the heat when immersed in hot oil by Kaido as a form of punishment. 

However, the most epic of course is how Oden became the only one who was able to leave a scar on Kaido's body.

Shimotsuki Ushimaru in One Piece

The name Shimotsuki Ushimaru is a new name that appears in the Wano Country arc. Ushimaru himself is a Daimyo alias leader in the Ringo region, which is home to the Shimotsuki clan. 

Not much we can know about the figure of Ushimaru other than the various references that appear from the mouths of other characters. 

An example is what Hyogoro and Kawamatsu said.

According to both of them, Ushimaru is not an arbitrary samurai figure. 

Ushimaru's name is so famous because of his extraordinary abilities. Ushimaru himself had participated in the rebellion against Kaido, but in the end he had to lose and was locked up in prison. 

Even so, how Hyogoro and Kawamatsu acknowledged Ushimaru's figure gave clues that he was a great samurai. Moreover, they also had time to see the similarities between Ushimaru and Zoro.

Shimotsuki Ryuma in One Piece

It seems that all geeks already know about Ryuma's figure, just like Kozuki Oden. 

Ryuma is a legendary samurai figure from all the people of Wano. 

He is a protective god that many Wano residents worship, because Ryuma is always a samurai who is always ready to face anything.

In one story, Ryuma is said to have fought a dragon. 

The dragon was successfully defeated by Ryuma using the Shusui sword, which Zoro had. And actually, this story about Ryuma was also presented by Oda in a one-shot manga he created. 

How Ryuma is so highly lauded, even becoming a guardian deity, gives a hint of how powerful his figure is.

The Samurai in the Wano region are an illustration of the epic power possessed by the region. 

Their abilities and strength are even so well known, that even the navy is very wary of the strength of these samurai. 

However, not all Samurai have the same power. 

And the names above are those Samurai who have above average awesomeness in One Piece.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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