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One Piece: The Fallen Red Scabbards!

One Piece: The Fallen Red Scabbards!

Azakaya Nine or Nine Red Scabbards, is a title or designation for the nine samurai who served Kozuki Oden in One Piece. 

The Red Scabbards come from a variety of backgrounds, but they are the ones who got knocked out that Oden then recruited. 

Not only that, Oden then prepares them to become strong and intelligent figures.

The Red Scabbards later became a group that many people respected and respected throughout the Wano area. 

This is because they are figures who serve Oden. 

Also, because of their extraordinary abilities. After the death of Kozuki Oden, they try to fulfill all the dreams of their master.

One of the goals of the Red Scabbards is to reclaim the power of Wano country from Kurozumi Orochi's hands. To be able to become a servant for Kozuki Oden, of course, is not arbitrary.

They are the strongest samurai, even some of them are able to fight against the commander of the Kaido pirates. 

Red Scabbards also joined Luffy's alliance in the battle of Onigashima.

They helped the Straw Hat crew and the others to defeat the Beast pirate group. 

And in this battle too, they succeeded in realizing their goal of eliminating Orochi. 

Although in the end they won the battle at Onigashima, and their mission was accomplished, unfortunately there was a price they had to pay. 

The high price they had to pay for victory in this battle was the death of several of their comrades.


One Piece: The Fallen Red Scabbards!

In the battle at Onigashima yesterday, there were two Red Scabbards shown dead in the story. 

The first was Kurozumi Kanjuro. 

Kanjuro is one of the Red Scabbards who appeared in the Dressrosa arc. 

Kanjuro is one of the people who is thrown into the future, exactly 20 years from now.

The true fact of Kanjuro's figure was finally revealed after he admitted that he was a traitor in the body of Red Scabbards. 

Kanjuro is part of the Kurozumi family. 

Kanjuro also got a mission to be a spy for Oden for the last 20 years. 

He continued to send Red Scabbards and Oden developments to Orochi, who was still the Shogun of Wano at the time.

Kanjuro then kidnapped Momo to be handed over to Orochi and Kaido. 

Kanjuro himself ultimately died in the fight that took place between him and Kikunojo and Kinemon. 

What became a tragic and sad moment was how Kiku couldn't bear to kill Kanjuro. 

It was Kiku who had to be seriously injured by Kanjuro's attack.

Ashura Doji

One Piece: The Fallen Red Scabbards!

Kanjuro himself eventually died after Kinemon took his life. 

Apart from Kanjuro, another Red Scabbards figure who died in this battle was Ashura Doji. 

Ashura Doji is a former mountain villain, boss of criminals, and the ruler of the Kuri region is one of the strongest samurai in Wano. 

Ashura Doji is a person who is able to destroy and also defeat Jack.

Even so, Ashura Doji himself in the end managed to defeat Oden. 

And because of the greatness of Oden, in the end he wanted to join the Red Scabbards. 

Kaido himself acknowledged his strength and asked him to join the Beast pirate group. 

Ashura Doji died when he sacrificed himself to protect his comrades, from the fake Kozuki Oden figure created by Kanjuro.

The figure of Kozuki Oden turned out to be holding a dangerous explosive. 

Not wanting his comrades killed or injured, Ashura Doji then sacrificed himself to push the fake Kozuki Oden down.

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