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One Piece 1052: Luffy Rises from Fainting, Zoro Talks to Enma


One Piece 1052 readers will be waiting for after Momonosuke's epic appearance and Yamato's statement that he will join the Straw Hat Pirates in 1051 ago.

Will Yamato's joining be confirmed in One Piece 1052? Because Jinbei expressly stated that the decision depends on the captain, Monkey D Luffy.

Meanwhile, for now Luffy's condition is still unconscious or unconscious, after going all out against the yonkou who is called the strongest creature, Kaido.

Therefore, in One Piece 1052 there is a possibility that Chopper will end up taking care of Zoro and Luffy, but it looks like the Straw Hats will recover first.

Zoro's condition might really be on the verge of death, with his last conscious state when he saw a figure like a shinigami or a god of death.

It is still unknown what the actual figure of the shinigami is, whether it is really the god of death or it turns out to be the embodiment of one of his swords, namely Shusui or Enma.

However it seems, Zoro's state is clearly closer to death compared to Luffy, who even fainted with a smile.

And the Straw Hats are expected to wake up or recover in the next chapter, maybe he will have a victory party as well as the appointment of Momo as the new shogun of Wano.

Furthermore, will he confirm Yamato's joining the crew? It could be that readers are curious about Luffy's reaction to Yamato later.

Like when Nico Robin came to the Straw Hat Pirates' ship and asked to join them, the possibility of the same thing happening to Yamato, especially since he wasn't in the enemy position from the start.

Going back to Zoro, as said before, it seems he is closer to death compared to Luffy.

On the other hand, he also forced himself to take the secret medicine, so that the side effect caused him great pain.

He also suffered serious injuries after fighting King, so it could be said that he could have died.

Furthermore, Enma's sword itself bears the name of the God of Death, so there is speculation that the Shinigami figure is related to him.

It is suspected that Zoro will experience a period of awakening, or his abilities will be developed at the limit of his death.

Allegedly there was a conversation that took place between Zoro and the figure of the God of Death or the form of the Enma.

In this case, there might be a panel where Luffy orders Chopper to heal Zoro.

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