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One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Who is the New Yonko in Wano

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Who is the New Yonko in Wano

In One Piece, the Yonko's power map will definitely change after what happened at the Onigashima battle. 

This was also revealed in a conversation with CP-0 agents in Onigashima, where they were worried that the balance of world power would be disturbed by the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom in this battle. 

And in fact, what they feared finally came true with the defeat of Kaido and Big Mom.

Based on this, it means that the two vacant ocean lord positions after Kaido and Big Mom no longer fill those positions. 

The question then is whether there will be another figure to fill the void? 

Who will fill the void? 

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Who is the New Yonko in Wano

Based on what appeared in the latest chapter, it seems that there is already another figure who will replace Kaido and Big Mom.

In chapter 1052, Apoo appears in front of Kid and Law who are discussing the newly established alliance relationship. 

Apoo said that information regarding what happened during the battle at Onigashima and everything else was leaked outside of Wano. 

However, they were still wondering who had leaked all the information regarding the events in Onigashima and Wano.

The leaks about the events in Wano apparently affected their bounty. In the newspaper that Apoo brought, he said that the bounty of Trafalgar Law and Eustass Kid had increased drastically. 

In addition, the newspaper also mentioned that there were already names that would become the new Yonko figures to replace Kaido and Big Mom. 

Unfortunately, the chapter does not reveal the name of the new Yonko.

Luffy the New Yonko Candidate

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Who is the New Yonko in Wano

Of the several names that may be chosen to become the new Yonko figure, the most obvious name is of course Monkey D. Luffy. 

As the main protagonist in the series as well as the one who managed to defeat the most powerful creature in the world, it makes sense that Luffy will become one of the new Yonko. 

After all, since the Whole Cake Island arc Luffy's own name has been considered the fifth Yonko.

The question then is whether Luffy will accept or accept the title. 

Luffy might think that being a Yonko will prevent him from continuing his adventure of searching for One Piece and becoming the pirate king. 

Because of that, it is possible that Luffy will refuse or may not recognize the title. 

Luffy won't care about the title, because all he wants is to be the pirate king.

However, there could also be other possibilities where Luffy accepts it. In the story itself, being a Yonko doesn't mean they can't do anything anymore. 

Being a Yonko is just a title, and they can still do whatever they want such as searching for the whereabouts of One Piece. 

That's what Kaido, Big Mom, and Blackbeard are currently doing. 

In other words, Luffy can also continue his adventure while having the title of Yonko.

Other Figures

One Piece 1053 Spoiler: Who is the New Yonko in Wano
Assuming that Luffy becomes one of the new Yonko, then which pirate will fill the position of the other Yonko? 

It seems that none other than the Yonko position will be filled by another new generation of pirates, such as Eustass Kid and Trafalgar Law. 

In chapter 1040 yesterday, we saw how Kid and Law finally managed to beat Big Mom with difficulty.

Kid and Law's fight against Big Mom took place in chapter 1015. 

At first, they both struggled to face Big Mom. 

In fact, they were the ones who almost lost. However, the two then used the devil fruit's awakening power to overthrow Big Mom, which worked, albeit temporarily.

Big Mom got back up and beat them up again until they were seriously injured. 

Even so, Law and Kid did not give up. 

The two of them used the last of their strength to use the devil fruit's awakening power to make Big Mom fall. In chapter 1040 we then saw that Big Mom finally really fell after the slick cooperation between them.

However, which of the two pirates might fill the Yonko position? 

Judging from the character and also the previous game value, the pirate who has the opportunity to become the next Yonko of the two figures is Eustass Kid. 

Kid is the most ambitious of them both and Luffy. In fact, Kid already considers Luffy as his rival.

This means that it is quite logical that Kid will be the next Yonko to accompany Luffy. 

After all, Law is a person who is not too happy with titles and popularity. 

Also Law's bounty is under Kid. 

On the other hand, he also seems to be continuing to forge an alliance with Luffy because his main dream is to find the meaning of "Will of D", a promise he made to Rosinante.

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