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One Piece 1052: Luffy Rejects Yamato To Be Nakama, Beast Pirates Alliance With Straw Hats


Before One Piece 1052 Yamato was known to beg Luffy to become the nakama of the Straw Hats.

Unfortunately until One Piece 1052, Luffy is still shown not to be conscious, just like Zoro.

So it is not yet known whether Luffy will accept Yamato as his new nakama.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1052 regarding Yamato's request as Luffy's new nakama and the alliance between the Beast Pirates and the Straw Hats.

In yesterday's chapter Yamato was shown offering himself to join the Straw Hat crew.

The Straw Hat crew gave different reactions, but the reaction that fans highlighted the most was Jinbe's reaction.

Jinbe with a calm but serious face said that they couldn't take Yamato for granted.

Because as long as Luffy hasn't agreed to it, the Straw Hat crew can't accept Yamato.

Yamato also agreed with Jinbe's words then he turned to Luffy who looked still unconscious.

Yamato hopes Luffy is okay because his last fight with Kaido was terrible for him.

Then Kaido's child's expression seemed to be thinking about Luffy's transformation into Gear 5th.

As a fellow Mythical Zoan user, Yamato may be starting to understand that Luffy can also change like him.

Not only that, maybe Yamato could feel the risk of the changes made by Luffy so he became very worried.

So it can be concluded that until this moment Yamato is not certain to become a nakama and must wait for Luffy's decision.

Regardless of whether he was accepted or rejected in the Straw Hat Pirates, Yamato would still be useful.

If you join the Straw Hats, it is clear that Yamato's strength will make Luffy's group even more terrible.

Then there is an interesting scheme that fans are waiting for when the Straw Hat pirates fight the Blackbeard pirates later on.

Yamato is believed to be fighting Catarina Devon as a fellow Mythical Zoan devil fruit eater.

But if Luffy doesn't want Yamato as a nakama, Kaido's son will still be an alliance because he will inherit the Beast Pirates.

So it is very likely that the Beast Pirates that Kaido left behind will form an alliance with the Straw Hats.

But if Yamato does become a nakama then King can become a substitute captain in the Beast Pirates.

Because apart from being strong, King is also looking forward to Joy Boy's figure so that he will bring the Beast Pirates into an alliance with Joy Boy who is none other than Luffy.

Coupled with himself remaining in Wano, King was able to avoid the pursuit of the World Government who was hunting for the Lunaria Race.

It will be interesting to see if Luffy will accept Yamato as his new nakama or not in One Piece 1052.

It will also be answered after One Piece 1052 regarding the formation of the Beast Pirates and Straw Hat alliance.

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