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One Punch Man: God Has Cosmic Consciousness?

The appearance of God in the One-Punch Man story seems to have succeeded in changing the power map in the story. His figure is still very mysterious. 

Is God the one behind all the characters' powers? 

Was he the one who gave all the power? 

Was he also the one who made all the situation as it is now? 

Everything is still a mystery until ONE and Yusuke Murata answer them all.

In chapter 153 yesterday, fans were surprised by the appearance of God's figure in physical form.

In the chapter, God is shown taking the power of the Homeless Emperor as well as his life.

The Homeless Emperor himself did not expect that God would appear and do this to him. Until then his life completely disappeared with his blistered body.

The big question then is how strong is the true figure of God? We have seen two great powers that God has, such as giving power to others and of course taking the lives of others.

There is an interesting theory that says that God may have enormous cosmic powers.

In theory it is explained that God may have a cosmic power called cosmic awareness.

This ability basically makes God able to feel or realize what is happening not only on earth, but throughout the universe.

God could sense the threat that was emerging or maybe he could even sense what would happen in the future, thanks to that ability.

Cosmic awareness is often associated with Clairvoyance or the ability to see into the future or the present and Enhanced Senses or increased senses.

Combining these powers allows the user to observe other people (or other beings) from across the universe.

A vivid example of this cosmic consciousness character is the character Empty Hand from DC comics.

This cosmic character is capable of destroying the entire universe with ease.

This he once did by removing all the superheroes from Earth-7 without any problems.

Apart from destroying the entire universe, he can even destroy the multiverse or re-create it.

He can also know what is happening in a universe and do whatever he wants.

Although it is still unknown whether God also has this ability, from yesterday's chapter 153 where Blast opened a portal to another dimension and said that there are many other great heroes out there, meaning that it is not impossible if God also has the ability of multiverse awareness.

Perhaps this was why God knew what happened to the Homeless Emperor when he was about to end his life, and decided to give him power.

This may also be the reason why later he found out that Psykos needed additional strength to deal with Tatsumaki, and in the end he became a terrible figure.

The riddle of God's power does not seem likely to be revealed in the near future.

Even so, it is certain that God is a very extraordinary entity and also has tremendous powers such as cosmic consciousness.

Various clues in the story also show how God does have a strong connection with cosmic elements.

It will be interesting to see what will happen next with the figure of God, whether he will again show his abilities and which other character will be given strength by God. 

Fans are also curious as to how powerful the battle between Saitama and God will be.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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