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Boruto: Kawaki Becomes Kurama's Substitute?

Boruto: Kawaki Becomes Kurama's Substitute?

The Boruto series: Naruto Next Generations is a sequel to Masashi Kishimoto's previous work, Naruto. 

Although it had experienced obstacles and received a lot of criticism, in the end the Boruto series managed to achieve success. 

Although it focuses on Boruto, the story also features other interesting characters such as Kawaki, who is currently one of the main protagonists in the series.

Introduced in the prologue of the series as a villain, Kawaki's figure has now turned into one of the fans' favorite characters and is considered one of the best characters in the series. 

As time goes by, Kawaki now has an interesting future as a character. Kawaki might become a new “Kurama” figure in the future.

Kawaki's Adventure So Far

Boruto: Kawaki Becomes Kurama's Substitute?
The past story of Kawaki's figure makes him one of the characters that attracts a lot of attention from fans. 

Raised by a father who often abused, Kawaki had a really bad and unpleasant past. 

He was even sold by his father to Jigen. Kawaki is then chosen to be the subject of Jigen's terrifying trial.

Jigen made Kawaki the perfect vessel for him, after the Karma experiment he did it worked out well on Kawaki's body. 

Even so, for Kawaki it really tortured him and even threatened his life. 

Kawaki really spent his childhood in fear and pain.

Kawaki often tries to escape from Jigen and Kara's facilities, but his attempts always fail. 

Even so, thanks to Kashin Koji and Amado's grand plan in the end Kawaki was able to escape from Kara's clutches and hide in the village of Konoha. 

In fact, Naruto considers Kawaki as one of his children and the brother of Boruto.

Under Naruto's tutelage, Kawaki, for the first time, felt love and warmth. Even though at first Kawaki still responded coldly to Naruto's attitude, Kawaki in the end accepted Naruto as a figure who saved his life. 

Thanks to Naruto's help too, Kawaki managed to get rid of Isshiki's Karma from his body. 

And the most important thing is how Naruto managed to kill Isshiki.

Unfortunately, Isshiki's death came at a price with Kurama's death. 

Kurama's death had to be admitted made Naruto lose most of his strength. Realizing this, Kawaki tried to protect Naruto at all costs. 

An example is when Naruto faces threats from Code and Eida.

Kawaki Becomes the New “Kurama”

Boruto: Kawaki Becomes Kurama's Substitute?
As shown in the fight against Code, Kawaki managed to revive the power of Karma Isshiki within him. 

This did happen without Kawaki's knowledge, because Amado did it. 

Even so, Kawaki with the power of Karma turned into a terrible figure.

Not only did he manage to beat Code in the fight, Kawaki also managed to toy with Boruto, who was even taken over by Momoshiki Otsutsuki. 

In fact, in the end, Kawaki managed to kill Boruto – although he was later resurrected from the dead.

With the latest developments regarding Kawaki's character, it looks like things are getting interesting. Kawaki has officially regained the power of Karma, which means he's become one of the strongest characters in the series. 

With Isshiki's strength, such as Daikokuten and Sukunahikona, Kawaki can certainly be a figure who is almost invincible in battle.

Kawaki's goal of becoming strong was only one; protect Uzumaki Naruto. 

He is willing to do anything and sacrifice whatever he has to protect the person he already considers a father. 

The proof of this is how Kawaki was willing to kill Boruto to save Naruto from Momoshiki's threat.

For now, Kawaki's main target is none other than Code, who poses the biggest threat to Naruto. 

With the power of Karma that he has, Kawaki will try to protect Konoha and Naruto from Code attacks at all costs even though Naruto will not be happy with Kawaki's way.

Kawaki is likely to become the new "Kurama" figure who will protect Naruto from the various threats that exist. The prologue story of the series also shows how Kawaki is willing to go against the ninja way in general, and face everything in his own way. 

Perhaps, this is the cause of the fight between Boruto and Kawaki in the future.

And it could also be that after the fight against Boruto Kawaki will realize that his family really loves him for who he is. Kawaki didn't need to turn evil in order to protect Naruto and Konoha. 

Kawaki might eventually accept Naruto's fiery determination and become a good person for the sake of all.

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