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One Piece: Various Evidences Luffy Is Joy Boy!

One Piece: Various Evidences Luffy Is Joy Boy!

One of the biggest puzzles that arise among One Piece fans is whether Luffy is really the reincarnation of Joy Boy. 

The name Joy Boy first appeared in the Fishman Island arc, where at that time Nico Robin read a Poneglyph that was there.

The poneglyph contains an apology from someone named Joy Boy to the fish-man islanders. 

Although so far we still don't know who the real Joy Boy is, where he came from, and various other information, but based on what is presented in the story, the Joy Boy figure is an important figure in the era of the lost century.

What's interesting is that there are also many assumptions that say that Luffy is the new Joy Boy that has been waiting for so long. Even so, Kaido himself thinks that he is Joy Boy. 

In fact, in chapter 1036 we saw how King believed that Kaido was the Joy Boy figure that had been predicted so far.

One Piece: Various Evidences Luffy Is Joy Boy!

Until then Kaido began to change his mind, that he was not the figure of Joy Boy in question. Since then, Kaido seems to have been waiting for the appearance of Joy Boy in Wano. 

Kaido himself had suspected that Luffy was the figure of Joy Boy who would bring big changes to the world. 

However, that thought had changed when Kaido managed to defeat him.

Kaido said that Luffy was also not the predicted Joy Boy, before he was thrown into the sea. 

However, it seems Kaido's thinking that Luffy is not Joy Boy has changed again. 

Kaido seems to have started to believe that Luffy is the long-awaited Joy Boy. 

What then is the evidence of this?

The first is that there is a change in Kaido's facial expression and eyes. 

As discussed in the previous article, in chapter 1036 we saw how Kaido's facial expressions and eyes changed when they clashed with each other. 

The two then laughed at each other and said that the fight was getting more exciting and challenging. 

Kaido seemed so happy at that moment.

One Piece: Various Evidences Luffy Is Joy Boy!

The second is the moment where Zunesha "confirms" that Luffy is Joy Boy. In chapter 1043 yesterday, when Luffy's devil fruit rose, Zunesha heard the drums of freedom. 

And according to him, he had not heard that voice for the last 800 years. 

Zunesha also said that Joy Boy was in Onigashima which then the panel showed Luffy.

Third, the most recent clue is how Luffy is trying to defeat Kaido and bring a big change to the world. 

In his fight against Luffy, Kaido was amazed by his determination to conquer him. 

However, what made Kaido stunned was how Luffy wanted to make a big change to this world.

In Kaido's flashback, Kaido had said that he was Joy Boy, and Kaido confessed that only he could make a big change to the world. 

However, after that, Kaido began to doubt himself. 

When Luffy said that he wanted to free Wano from Kaido's clutches, Kaido was then surprised.

One Piece: Various Evidences Luffy Is Joy Boy!

And in chapter 1049 yesterday, Kaido was again surprised by Luffy's words when Kaido asked what kind of world Luffy wanted to build. 

Luffy replied while beating Kaido, that he wanted to build a world where his friends could eat to their heart's content and without worrying about anything.

How Luffy wants to free Wano, change the world for the better without anyone starving, and how Luffy is so excited to be able to beat Kaido are real proofs that Luffy is indeed the next Joy Boy. 

Kaido also admits that Joy Boy is someone who will defeat him one day, and now is the moment.

Even so, there is still no clue that Kaido was defeated by Luffy. 

That is, there is still a chance that Kaido will bounce back from his defeat. 

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