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Spy X Family: This is the reason Twilight is a spy!

The role of Twilight aka Loid Forger as the number one spy in Westalis certainly cannot be doubted. 

This is what then makes Twilight chosen to run a super secret operation, 

Operation Strix, which makes him have to form a family in a short time. And this is what became the forerunner to the realization of the Forger family.

There are many mysteries that are still unsolved in the story, such as one of them is what later motivated Twilight to become a spy. 

Twilight had said that his motivation to stop the war between Westalis and Ostania was so that no more children would cry because of the war. However, we never know what motivated him to become a spy.

However, maybe we can finally find out what is the motivation of Twilight based on the latest chapter yesterday. 

The series itself has presented the past story of Twilight since the last few chapters. 

In the previous chapter, we saw how the past story of Twilight started when he was little until he grew up and entered the military.

Losing his friends as well as his parents due to a bomb attack, Twilight finally decided to join the Westalis military. Twilight's military career is arguably classy, ​​until he has the rank of Sergeant. 

Unfortunately, due to an event where he first met Franky, Twilight was eventually withdrawn from the front lines of the battle.

This is the moment where Twilight is reunited with his childhood friends, whom he thought were dead. 

However, Twilight's happiness was only temporary as the military operation that brought them to the front line was not well planned. 

As a result, many soldiers died including childhood friends from Twilight.

It was this regret that made Twilight finally contemplate that if only he had known everything beforehand, maybe he could have prevented the deaths of his friends. 

Twilight's potential was successfully glimpsed by military intelligence. 

He was then recruited to be part of them.

According to the informant who recruited Twilight, information is something that is very valuable, especially in the moment of the war between east and west that is happening now. 

Twilight is considered to be able to help them gather this information with their talents. 

Twilight itself initially doubted it. However, he later recalled a sad moment with his friends.

Not wanting to repeat the same mistake again, 

Twilight finally agreed and accepted the offer to join the military intelligence party. 

All true identities of Twilight were discarded and eliminated, for the sake of the country. 

Because according to Twilight he has no one else, Twilight accepts all the conditions. Twilight was immediately given his first mission by Felicia.

Based on what is presented in this latest chapter, it can be concluded that the reason for Twilight being a spy is that apart from preventing war and preventing children from crying in fear, he also doesn't want other people to feel what he feels, namely losing his friends. 

His best friend as a result of the war.

By knowing important information that could be the cause of war in advance, then the war can be prevented. This is what Twilight has been doing for a long time. 

Many may wonder how Twilight later became a spy. Eventually, however, we learn that the reasons are very personal. 

And after Twilight's nightmare, his attitude towards Anya changes. 

He didn't scold Anya for getting Tinitrus Bolt, but he hoped that Anya could have a good relationship with her friends.

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