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One Piece 1050 Reddit Spoiler: Sabo Kills Vivi, Gorosei Eliminates Wano with Buster Call

One Piece 1050 spoiler from Reddit mentions that Sabo is said to be the one who killed Vivi.

In addition, the Gorosei have given new orders to the World Government fleet in One Piece 1050.

The Gorosei apparently planned to eliminate Wano Kuni with the Buster Call.

Here's a Reddit leak for One Piece 1050 regarding Sabo killing Vivi and the Buster Call threat targeting Wano.

First, a newspaper will be shown that contains news of the defeat of the two Yonkou at Onigashima.

Morgans certainly won't miss the big moment that just happened at the Wano Arc.

In the news, it was stated that Kaido and Big Mom had been defeated by Luffy and several other Supernovas.

The news certainly raises a debate about the title and credibility of the Yonkou in this new era of pirates.

Apart from that, it will also reveal the next move that Blackbeard is making.

The Blackbeard Pirates are reported to have invaded Big Mom's Whole Cake Island.

It is believed that she is after the replica of Vegapunk's laboratory that Big Mom made from the blueprints she got from Kaido.

But not only that, Blackbeard will also of course seize or copy the Road Poneglyph that Big Mom keeps in his headquarters.

Furthermore, news was also revealed in the newspapers regarding the movements of another Yonkou, Shanks who was last seen in Mariejoa.

It was very likely that the information of his arrival at Mariejoa would be spread by Morgans.

In addition, the final condition of the Shichibukai which has now been disbanded by the World Government will also be shown.

Finally, the newspaper also carried news about the latest condition of Sabo and Vivi.

It is said that Sabo has killed Cobra and is trying to kill Vivi.

The hoax information will not only provide protection for the World Government to arrest Vivi.

But also as a smear campaign against the Revolutionary Army.

Even though this is just a trick of the World Government to cover up the death of the Cobra by making Sabo a scapegoat.

So they had CP0 kill Cobra and fake a failed assassination attempt on Vivi.

Then in yesterday's chapter it was shown that one of the long-armed CP0 members managed to escape from Onigashima.

He could be sure he would immediately give the news about what really happened in Onigashima.

The Gorosei who heard the news would immediately take action.

The Gorosei will certainly be very surprised after knowing their worst nightmare has come true.

If you look at the strange movements of the fuzzy CP0. He seemed to have gotten something and ran away.

It is not impossible that he has stolen Oden's journal and will hand it over to the Gorosei.

Moreover, we know that the length of the arm is a parable of a person who likes to steal.

The Gorosei would then act quickly by attempting to capture the two Yonkou who had fallen on Onigashima.

The goal is to claim victory from the Onigashima battle so the public believes that the World Government can overcome these two monsters.

Of course Big Mom and Kaido will be placed into a prison level that is more terrible than level six of Impel Down.

The Gorosei will then take over all weapons produced by Kaido while in Wano.

CP0 has previously been shown negotiating with Orochi about these weapons.

With Kaido's defeat, the chance for the World Government to take over the weapon is huge.

Then after they got everything they wanted, the final plan was to eliminate Wano Kuni from the world map.

This will of course be done with a method of exterminating the World Government called the Buster Call.

In addition to making the evidence of the corruption of the World Government disappear, Wano is also believed to be a small part of the Ancient Kingdom in the past.

Surely it would cause trauma to the World Government if Wano was really going to open up its borders to the world.

Therefore the Gorosei will not think long about making a Buster Call against Wano because there is nothing more to take from that country.

It will be interesting to see how Eiichiro Oda will reveal the news about Sabo killing Vivi in ​​One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

After One Piece 1050 it will also be revealed whether the Gorosei will really make a Buster Call to Wano Kuni.

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