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One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Kaido and Big Mom Lose, Luffy Gives the Yonkou Title to Kid and Law?


One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Kaido and Big Mom Lose, Luffy Gives the Yonkou Title to Kid and Law?

After Kaido and Big Mom's defeat was officially announced in One Piece 1050.

Luffy in One Piece 1050 is certain to be worthy of the Yonkou title.

However, based on the instructions that Eiichiro Oda gave, Luffy is believed to be giving his Yonkou title to Kid and Law.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding Luffy's Yonkou title that will be given to Law and Kid.

Kaido and Big Mom are known to be killed by falling into a magma pool deep in the Wano underground

With Kaido and Big Mom losing, what will happen next? Could it be that Luffy will replace Kaido's position as a Yonkou?

Many theorize that the Yonkou itself is a system created by the World Government so that there will be a change from this title.

This change is certainly not something new, we can see how Blackbeard replaces Yonkou Whitebeard who died in the Marineford war.

But the big question is whether Luffy wants to become a Yonkou?

With his dream of becoming the Pirate King, that was very unlikely to happen.

Luffy will definitely continue his adventure to Laugh Tale and get the One Piece treasure.

But this possibility is not zero percent if Luffy wants to replace Kaido.

Considering the Wano area, of course, it can't just be released to the World Government after Kaido loses.

If Luffy then released Wano, it would be the same as making the samurai country suffer again.

So with the Straw Hat captain who couldn't let go of Wano but he had to continue his adventure.

One Piece 1050 Spoiler: Kaido and Big Mom Lose, Luffy Gives the Yonkou Title to Kid and Law?

It is highly likely that Luffy will give his Yonkou position to someone else to protect Wano.

For example to Kid and Law who are now very strong because they both managed to reach Awakening.

But it is not impossible if the Yonkou system will be abolished by the World Government or one by one it will be overthrown by Luffy according to his promise to defeat all the Emperors of the Ocean.

However, it was believed from the start that Oda would indeed abolish the Yonkou system with the fall of Big Mom and Kaido in the Wano Arc.

The first reason is because of the change from the old generation to the new generation.

This has been mentioned several times in Oda's story, such as when Marco mentioned that now is the time for a new generation to shine.

Then in a prophecy written in Oden's journal, that a new power will emerge that is able to destroy Kaido and bring new light to Wano.

It indicates that the generation will definitely change from old to new.

The second reason is that the connections between the new generations have been the key to the destruction of the Yonkou system.

Old generation Yonkou like Big Mom, Kaido, Shanks, and Blackbeard actually hate each other.

Few of them respect each other. Even in the past Big Mom, Kaido, and Whitebeard always fought with killing intent for promotion in the Rocks pirates.

The point is that the current Yonkou don't have a good relationship while the new generation is very different.

The new generation led by Luffy, Kid, and Law will take on the title of the Yonkou and build their own power and role in the ocean.

So that their relationship is maintained even though each of them is still considered as a rival.

So when the great war that Oda promised will happen, the new generation will actually complement each other to destroy their main enemy, namely the World Government.

It will be interesting to see how Oda reveals who will replace Yonkou Kaido and Big Mom in One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

It will also be answered after One Piece 1050 whether Luffy will really hand over his Yonkou title to Kid and Law.

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