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One Piece 1050: Oda's Surprise, Kaido Finally Rises Again After Falling into the Flower Capital

Eiichiro Oda just gave a surprise about Kaido's next fate in One Piece 1050.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1050, Kaido is known to have fainted and fell into the Flower Capital.

However, based on the instructions that Oda has given, Kaido will rise again because he has not used his Awakening power.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding the sign from Oda regarding Kaido's resurrection.
After yesterday's chapter was released, there is one big mystery that Oda has yet to reveal

That is, since the beginning of his fight with Luffy, has Kaido used his Awakening powers?

Some fans believe Kaido has used his Awakening ability.

While some think that Kaido has not used this power.

But if you refer to the instructions that Oda has given, Kaido most likely hasn't and will use his Awakening ability.

Oda until now has not shown the pattern he usually applies when a character reaches Awakening.

As is well known, Oda will usually notify readers if a character uses his Awakening powers.

The reason was obvious because it was an increase in strength that would affect the course of the fight.

It is also the last level of the devil fruit ability and thus Oda must inform the readers that a character has just reached the Awakening level.

This pattern has been used by Oda throughout the story starting from when Luffy defeated Doflamingo and Katakuri, Law and Kid defeated Big Mom, and finally when the Straw Hats fought Kaido.

Even last time fighting Kaido, Gorosei himself said that Luffy's devil fruit will be even more terrible after Awakening.

And in the end it was confirmed that in Gear 5th mode Luffy could use the power of Awakening.
So there is a clear indication when someone has reached Awakening.

In Kaido's case, it's natural for fans to believe that a person as strong as him with the title of the strongest being in the world should also have the power of Awakening.

Moreover, Kaido is the most powerful character Luffy has ever faced.

So that the strongest creature will certainly use its Awakening ability.
So the question is, has Kaido used this ability or not?

Awakening Zoan is a bit different from other types of devil fruit because it is passive.

So the changes will not be obvious if you look at it from the outside.

While the Paramecia there is a clear increase in strength from their abilities where they will do things they normally couldn't do before.

An example is Paramecia can affect the surrounding environment with the Awakening ability.

That's evidenced by Katakuri, Doflamingo, and Law performing a technique different from what we've seen before.

The same thing is likely to happen to a Logia-type devil fruit.

But when it comes to Zoan, because his Awakening is passive, it will be difficult to know when the character has reached that level.

Passive is meant here is an increase in physical strength, stamina, and endurance as shown by the guards in Impel Down.

So it will be very difficult to distinguish Zoan users who are Awakened and not.

They have the same physical characteristics but one of them gets a tremendous increase in physical strength and this is the problem with the Awakening Zoan.

Because it can be realized and seen, readers find it difficult to distinguish whether Kaido has used his Awakening powers or not.

But that actually gives Oda even more reason to tell readers when Kaido has reached the Awakening level.

It was also the reason why Kaido who had fainted and fell into the Flower Capital by Luffy's Bajrang Gun attack, would get back up and fight.

Because it's very strange if Luffy's final enemies can use Awakening, while a Yonkou like Kaido can't even do it.

It will be interesting to wait for how Kaido will rise again with the power of Awakening and this will certainly be answered by Oda in One Piece 1050 or the next chapters.

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