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One Piece 1050: Joy Boy Wasn't The First Sun God

Joy Boy and Nika the Sun God are two things that are still a mystery until One Piece 1050.

One of the mysteries of One Piece 1050 is about the relationship between Joy Boy and the Sun God.

From the facts that Eiichiro Oda has given, it is believed that Joy Boy is not the first Sun God.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1050 regarding Joy Boy's relationship with the Sun God Nika.

Even though Luffy in yesterday's chapter managed to defeat Kaido, there are still many mysteries that have not been revealed about Joy Boy and the Sun God Nika.

Nika's name was first mentioned by a former CP9 Who's Who agent in his fight against Jinbe.

He explains that Nika is a legendary warrior who always frees slaves.

It is also stated that Nika always brings happiness and laughter to those around her.

While the name Joy Boy was mentioned again when Luffy awakened his devil fruit Awakening.

At that time Zunisha mentioned that Luffy's resurrection reminded him of Joy Boy from 800 years ago.

We also know that Joy Boy is the enemy of the World Government considering their efforts to always cover up his existence.

So the question is whether Joy Boy and the Sun God Nika, whom slaves have worshiped all this time, are the same person?

Because as we know Joy Boy lived 800 years ago and it seems quite reasonable if he later became a legend.

It was possible that people forgot his name and only his strength and appearance were remembered.

Because he may have the appearance of a god when awakening the devil fruit.

So since 800 years ago, devil fruit is something that is considered very extraordinary.

Kozuki Oden's wife was born during the Void Century and then travels to the future using her devil fruit.

If then there are two devil fruits that came from 800 years ago, it means that devil fruits have been around for hundreds to thousands of years.

Then how come a person like Joy Boy who has a big influence in the world is not recognized by many people?

Why then the slaves only flatter and worship the figure of Nika and not Joy Boy.
The inhabitants of Shandoria worshiped the Sun God about 400 years ago.

Even though they weren't connected to each other, it felt strange if they later forgot the name Joy Boy.

Based on this, a speculation arises what if then Nika is a legendary fighter who has existed for a long time even before the appearance of Joy Boy.

If we go back a long way, the city of the Shandoria people used to be made of gold.
Maybe Nika is the leader of the ancient tribe that lives on Jaya Island.

It could also be that Nika was the first person to eat a devil fruit which at that time the name of the devil fruit was unknown.

Nika then went on an adventure around the world including freeing slaves and it was his actions that made him known by the slaves as a legendary figure.

At that time, the World Government was not there yet so that Nika could act without worrying about the emerging threats.
The slaves at that time did not know that what Nika showed was a devil fruit.

That's why they considered the power he displayed as the power of God.

Then when Nika died and her devil fruit re-incarnated nearby.

Maybe people are just starting to name the devil fruit and the name given to the devil fruit is Nika.
Joy Boy and Nika will certainly remain a big mystery until One Piece 1050 and the next chapters.

Most likely after One Piece 1050, the mystery of Joy Boy and Nika will be revealed when Zunisha meets Luffy again.

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