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6 Main Anime Characters Who Are Criminals

The main character in most anime is expected to be a good and fun character who acts as a role model for people watching him.

These characters convey the difference between good and bad. They also emphasize how good always triumphs over evil.

However, not all cases are like that. There was a time when the mangaka decided to walk a different route. They create a main character that is different from the others.

This main character will make the audience question their morality.

This character cannot be said to be good, even though he does have the intention to make other people or himself happy.

They were evil from the start and as time went on it became apparent that they were criminals.

They don't hesitate to kill anyone who gets in their way, even if it's their own sibling.

Eren Jaeger from Attack on Titan hasn't had anything to do with the characters on this list. 

Who are they? Here are the main anime characters who are indeed villains!

6. Tanya — Saga of Tanya the Evil

Tanya is the main protagonist of this anime. He is a ruthless killing machine, who treats others as mere objects.

Tanya is very calculating and she plans her every move very carefully.

Tanya's ruthlessness and intelligence allowed her to move up the ranks very quickly. He is very strict when it comes to discipline in his platoon.

If anyone disobeyed his orders, Tanya did not hesitate to immediately punish him.

5. Alucard — Hellsing

Alucard is the main character of Hellsing. He is a really strong vampire. He had the power to make him slaughter an army of his kind.

He is endowed with many different types of powers, including immortality, regeneration, and superhuman strength.

All of these strengths make Alucard one of the strongest anime characters.

With such extraordinary powers, Alucard becomes a worthy killing machine. He did not hesitate to kill people.

4. Thorfinn — Vinland Saga

Thorfinn is the main character of the Vinland Saga.

He was the son of the great warrior Thors. He always imitated his father and wanted to imitate him in every way.
However, everything changed when Thorfinn decided to accompany Thors on his journey.

Thorfinn is captured by the enemy. Thors was willing to sacrifice himself after Askeladd's men killed him.

Thorfinn hated Askeladd, but he chose to stay with his group and wait for the opportunity to kill him.

While he waited for the right moment, Thorfinn killed dozens of people just as he wanted to become stronger.

3. Hyakkimaru — Dororo

Hyakkimaru's story is very sad. His greedy father, wanting more power, exchanged Hyakkimaru's limbs for fertile soil.

So, as he grew up, Hyakkimaru had only one thing on his mind, which was revenge.

After a doctor gave an artificial limb to Hyakkimaru, he then went to kill the demon and get his body part back.

In his journey, Hyakkimaru suffered a lot.

But, the predicament only pushed him away. Nothing changed his mind. When he finally got close to his goal, he didn't hesitate to kill his sister.

2. Light Yagami — Death Note

It's easy to see why Light Yagami is not considered a hero.

When he takes the Death Note, Light only wants to punish the criminals.

But, as the story progresses, his passion begins to grow.

Light becomes a serial killer. Light did not hesitate to kill anyone who dared to challenge him.

Light manipulated many people and even caused his father's death.

His desire to play the role of God became so strong that he could not distinguish right from wrong.

He gets his payback at the end of this series.

1. Lelouch Lamperouge — Code Geass

Lelouch is a very popular character.

He couldn't possibly be a blatant criminal. However, he is also not a role model.

After gaining the power of Geass, Lelouch knows that he has enough power to change the world.

He decided to build a better world for his sister.

However, he knows that the path to achieving peace is not as simple as people think.

Lelooch performs all forms of evil acts such as betraying his followers and manipulating others, including his friends.

However, his most inhuman act was when he used Geass against his cousin which made him order the slaughter of many innocent people.

This action solidifies his place as one of the main characters who has a heart. His death unites the whole world.

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