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One Piece: Where is Kaido's Road Poneglyph Located?

One Piece: Where is Kaido's Road Poneglyph Located?

Each Road Poneglyph in the One Piece story presents in detail the specific location of the last island, Laugh Tale, when all of the Road Poneglyphs are combined. 

The number of Road Poneglyphs itself is known to be four, two of which have been bagged by the Straw Hats. 

At the end of the Wano arc, fans believed that Luffy would find the third Road Poneglyph.

It is said that Kaido's third Poneglyph is in Wano. However, where exactly did Kaido hide his Road Poneglyph? 

Gol D. Roger is known to be the first person in the last 800 years to reach the island of Laugh Tale. 

Roger managed to collect all four Road Poneglyph information starting from Big Mom's, then from the now-disappearing fish-man island, and the other two from Zou and Wano.

The Straw Hat Pirates have managed to collect two Road Poneglyphs from Zou and Big Mom's. 

They are now on the verge of defeating Kaido, which means they are just a step away from finding the position of the third known Road Poneglyph in Wano. 

This means that Luffy has to find him first.

One Piece: Where is Kaido's Road Poneglyph Located?

But, unfortunately, the exact location where the Road Poneglyph is stored is still a big mystery since it was first discovered in chapter 967. Kaido didn't even tell Big Mom where the Road Poneglyph was. 

The most reasonable answer to this question is that the Road Poneglyph is on the island of Onigashima.

Onigashima Island was the base for Kaido and his group, and logically it was the safest place in the Wano area. 

Trafalgar Law had found a Poneglyph on a floor in Kaido's palace, as shown in chapter 996 yesterday. 

However, some fans themselves doubt that the Poneglyph is a Road Poneglyph.

After all, Law's reaction seems normal, which means it could be that the Poneglyph is not a Road Poneglyph. 

Also, there has been no confirmation from Oda Sensei that it is a Road Poneglyph. 

Until this chapter 1047, we may have been shown almost all parts of Kaido's palace.

One Piece: Where is Kaido's Road Poneglyph Located?

Even so, there is still a tendency that there is a hidden room that until now has not been shown in the story. On the other hand, there is another speculation. 

Is it possible if Kaido's Road Poneglyph wasn't in Onigashima? 

Did Kaido keep it somewhere in the Wano region?

When Oden traveled with Roger's pirate group, he returned to get information about the Road Poneglyphs in Wano. 

At that time, Kaido and Orochi were reigning in Wano, turning this peaceful region into a terrible place to this day. 

Even so, Oden was still able to take the information and leave without any problems.

There is no mention of any fights or problems when Oden tries to extract information from the Road Poneglyph. 

In fact, Oden's actions were so smooth, he didn't realize that his father, Kozuki Sukiyaki, had died at the hands of Orochi and Orochi had become the new Shogun.

One Piece: Where is Kaido's Road Poneglyph Located?

Based on this, it is clear that access to the Road Poneglyph in Wano is not difficult. 

It is possible that the Road Poneglyph was stored in the Kuri territory, because when Oden returned to retrieve the Road Poneglyph he landed on the beach, where there was a ship waiting for him.

Alternatively, Oda Sensei might have deliberately stored the Road Poneglyph in an unexpected place such as the destroyed village of Amigasa. 

It was the place where Luffy first met Tama. 

Kaido probably already knew where the Road Poneglyph was and decided to move it to another location.

However, of course it would be very interesting if later this red Poneglyph was found in a place that many people did not expect. 

So, in conclusion, Onigashima is probably the most logical place to keep the Road Poneglyph. 

However, it is possible that there are other locations to store this third Road Poneglyph. 

Maybe, after the fight against Kaido is over, we can finally find out where the exact location is.

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