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One Piece: Oda Confirmed, Zoro's New Power Has Nothing To Do With His Left Eye!

One Piece: Oda Confirmed, Zoro's New Power Has Nothing To Do With His Left Eye!

Fans later believe that Zoro's left eye is closely related to the new power he will get in One Piece 1047.

From the facts that exist until One Piece 1047, it turns out that Eiichiro Oda has already offended Zoro's left eye.

Until One Piece 1047 mentioned by Oda that Zoro's character design from the start was supposed to be like that.

The following is a discussion of One Piece 1047 regarding instructions from Oda regarding Zoro's new power.

As the second strongest person in the Straw Hat crew, it's only natural that Zoro's strength is not much different from his captain.

This can be seen from the Akagami pirate crew where Benn Beckman as the second strongest person in the crew has almost equal strength with Shanks.

In addition, the strength of Katakuri and King as the second strongest person in their respective pirate crews is also not much different in strength from their captain.

If Luffy has gotten a lot of power ups recently, Zoro will also get a power up from Oda Sensei.

This was done by Oda so that the strength of the captain's and vice-captain's strength did not look rhizome.

Another reason why Zoro will get a power up from Oda Sensei is because until now there has not been a significant increase in power he has received.

Whereas for two years Mihawk has been training Zoro and it is impossible for him to just undergo a mock training.

One Piece: Oda Confirmed, Zoro's New Power Has Nothing To Do With His Left Eye!

There must be a special power or skill he learned from Mihawk and it wasn't shown until chapter 1046 yesterday.

In addition, the Wano Arc is also predicted as a place for Zoro to show the results of his training.

Because Luffy has got his stage in the Dressrosa Arc and Sanji has got his own stage at the Whole Cake Island Arc yesterday.

But the fact is that up to now Zoro's only power ups are Haoshoku Haki and the ability to control Enma's Sword.

More than that, you could say Zoro has not shown such a significant power upgrade.

So what power increase will Oda Sensei give Zoro?

Some theories from fans themselves believe that Zoro will get new powers from his left eye which is still closed.

But that theory seems to have been broken by Oda Sensei who said that Zoro's eye design should have been closed from the start.

So the increase in strength that makes the most sense for Zoro is sourced from his Ashura technique.

As is well known Ashura is a mythological figure who is very powerful and has a lot of power.

So most likely in the future Ashura will not only become one of Zoro's techniques, but will become a mode that he can enter.

Similar to Luffy who can enter his Gear 5th mode and get the power of the Sun God Nika.

That kind of power would make Zoro comparable to his captain, Luffy.

One Piece: Oda Confirmed, Zoro's New Power Has Nothing To Do With His Left Eye!

This is still very possible considering the Wano Arc will not end in the near future.

It is evident from the absence of a third party who has intervened in the Wano war this time.

Some of these parties are World Government ships and also Big Mom's children who are still on the Queen Mama Chanter ship.

Not to mention that there are several other parties that might still interfere, such as the Navy, the Straw Hat Grand Fleet, the Blackbeard pirates, and Shanks.

Considering these conditions, it is not impossible that Zoro will return to fight with members of the new party who interfered.

For example, Admiral Fujitora or Shiryu who has served as commander of Blackbeard's division.

It's interesting to see what kind of new power Zoro will show at the end of this Wano Arc.

Eiichiro Oda will of course reveal the new powers that Zoro will get in One Piece 1047 or the next chapters.

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