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One Piece Red: Shanks' Uta Child Design and Gordon's New Character

The appearance of the second trailer for One Piece Film Red shocked the public with the appearance of Uta, daughter of Shanks.

Reporting from the Sportskeeda page, it was confirmed that the winged female figure named Uta was Shanks' daughter.

Where the appearance of Uta's character will be a hot topic of discussion in One Piece Film Red.

How not, for several years, One Piece fans suspected and speculated that Shanks had a child with Makino.

True or not, it turns out that he does have a daughter.

Despite rampant speculation, Uta may not be a bad character.

But in the trailer seen, Monkey D Luffy doesn't seem happy with Shanks.

Finally, in the One Piece Red trailer, Shanks seems willing to give up his daughter.

However, the details of the situation are still largely unknown.

In the film One Piece Red now has some official sketches for Shanks and his daughter Uta. Interestingly, there is also a new character named Gordon.

Uta's character design appears to have a combination of red and white hair and wears a dress.

Meanwhile, the new character, Gordon, has a very strong resemblance to the Frankenstein monster.

When he was briefly shown in the trailer, he also had a displeased expression on his face.

Of course, Eiichiro Oda can always subvert expectations, but that remains to be seen.

At least, Gordon seems to be a very important character in the One Piece Red movie.

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