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One Piece 1046 Spoiler : Finally Revealed Admiral Ryokugyu Has the Power of a Forest God

Luffy's strength in One Piece 1046 will continue to increase with the resurrection of the Hito Hito no Mi model of the Nika devil fruit.

In fact, in One Piece 1046 it is estimated that all alliances will again be surprised to see Luffy's new power that has risen.

Kaido was surprised by the strength of the Straw Hats, because all this time he thought the fruit was a paramecia type.

Therefore, in One Piece 1046 Luffy will again display his strength, which seems to be paramecia to logia types, even though he is actually a zoan.

Furthermore, the power of the Straw Hat model Nika is also known as the Sun God, about him having been brought up several times during the Skypiea arc.

The Sun God is said to be worshiped by the Shandia, Skypiea, Elbaf, and possibly also on Fish-Man Island, because they are said to have a strong bond with the sun.

However, along with the Sun God, three other gods are mentioned, namely the God of Rain, the God of the Forest, and the God of Earth.

So Luffy has the Sun God devil fruit, and leaves three other gods, do you think there is a devil fruit related to them?

Admiral Ryokugyu admitted that he had not eaten for three years, this led to speculation regarding the strength of the green bull.

Finally, many suspect that he has plant-based or plant-related abilities, possibly possessing the power of the God of the Forest.

Ryokugyu seems quite important as Oda seems to be keeping the figure of this man with long wavy hair a secret for something big.

Then Monkey D Dragon, which has long been wildly speculated to have the power of lightning or storms, or something to do with the weather.

Possibly, he is the one who ate the devil fruit from the Rain God, because Luffy's father often appears in the rain.

And finally there is the theory of the unnatural Red Line, and was created by the World Government.

What if it turns out that Imu has the devil fruit power from the God of Earth and he created the Red Line, while Luffy's job is to destroy it.

Keep in mind, this is still just a theory, regarding the power of each devil fruit will certainly be revealed after the upcoming One Piece 1046.

Hatsuko A word after a word after a word is power.

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