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Anime Attack on Titan Season 4 Part 3 Officially Released in 2023!

The Attack on Titan anime series is one of the most popular in many countries.

The anime adaptation of the manga of the same name is written and illustrated by Hajime Isayama.

This anime follows the story of the struggle of Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman, and their friends in finding freedom from the attacks of the Titans on their city, Paradis City.

Initially, this anime was announced to be in the winter of 2022, precisely today, Monday, April 4, 2022.
Today is the broadcast day of the 12th or final episode of Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2 which continues the first Final Season Part which aired last year.

Many surprises are shown in this second part, including when the main character who usually shows the attitude of a hero turns into a genocidal villain.

Many responses have come from fans, even though everything has been seen in the manga, which ended at the end of 2021.
Even so, being held by the MAPPA production house makes this Final Season Part 2 much more interesting as appreciated by fans.

MAPPA not only managed to show better image quality but also gave the characters a stronger emotional impression.

The Season Part 2 finale further features the decisions made by Eren Yeager which inflicted huge losses on others.

He is not only considered to act selfishly but also has to be prepared to fight his own friends who do not agree with his way.

Not to mention the snippets of scenes about his love story with Mikasa Ackerman which did not go smoothly.

There are some scenes that shouldn't be in the manga, which MAPPA then displays according to the additional script made by the author, Isayama.

But just before the 12th episode was released by NHK and available to watch on Netflix, there was a surprising but refreshing announcement for fans.

The production party officially said that Attack On Titan Final Season will be made until Part 3 which will air in 2023.

This announcement not only makes fans wonder but also leaves a little hope for those who have not been able to move on.

In addition, when Final Season Part 2 was declared the last, many questioned the future of this manga.

Some thought there would be a later version but Isayama didn't seem to give any hints about it.

Instead, it was rumored that Isayama might be planning another, completely different manga project.

The announcement about the production of the third part was officially delivered by the official account of the production house on Twitter.

Additionally, there appears to be a brief trailer for the very end that was shared on the Pony Canyon Anime YouTube channel.

“It was announced that the final part of the TV anime “Attack on Titan” The Final Season will be broadcast on NHK General TV in 2023! In addition, a teaser visual has also been released! Following in the footsteps of the giant after the roar, Mikasa, Armin, Levi and the rest of the investigative corps, and Reiner, Falco, and Gabi who work together to stop Eren," the official release via the account.

But unfortunately, fans have to stop here because there is no specific release date for the Final Season Part 3 yet
If you look at the previous seasons, it is very possible that the anime will air in winter between December and March.

Meanwhile on the other hand, Part 3 may not be the same as Part 2 which uses a total of 12 episodes.

This is because there are only nine manga chapters left to adapt in the anime series and MAPPA has made it a habit to adapt around one chapter per episode.

It's still possible that MAPPA could add some special scenes according to the agreement with the creators.

Although, arguably the more realistic option would be to air episodes 9-10, starting from the third week of January 2023.

In addition, Eren Yeager's voice actor, Hukum Kaji also gave a response regarding the announcement of this third part.

Through his Twitter account, he said that he was only following the feelings and emotional state of the character.

"I just followed Ellen's feelings. That's it. No matter who says what, everything just sticks to the role. That's Eren's life, that's the job I was assigned to," he wrote on Twitter.
As reported by dwri Crunchyroll, the official title for part 3 is Attack on Titan The Final Season Final Arc.

This title indirectly has the burden of showing a conclusion from all that has happened.

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