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One Punch Man: Saitama Will Destroy Earth?

One Punch Man: Saitama Will Destroy Earth?

The latest chapter of the One-Punch Man manga series presents something interesting and extraordinary where Saitama threatens to destroy the earth. 

However, can Saitama really do it? 

Saitama is the main protagonist in the series. 

Since the beginning of his appearance, he said that he was a person who carried out a mission as a hero just for a hobby.

And this is evident where Saitama very rarely appears in monster battles. 

One of the reasons is because Saitama is bored and doesn't want the enemy he faces to be destroyed or defeated with just one hit. 

As we know, that Saitama has the power to be able to destroy anything with just one hit.

Monsters, villains, and anything he can destroy with his punches. 

However, can Saitama destroy the earth? 

This threat appeared in chapter 161 yesterday, where Saitama met with Garou and explained everything he felt. 

In that chapter, Garou had said that he was a monster, a strong villain.

One Punch Man: Saitama Will Destroy Earth?

However, Saitama himself said that he didn't believe it because Garou didn't seem like a monster or a villain. 

Saitama also saw what Garou did earlier, where he saved a helicopter full of injured heroes. 

After that, Saitama himself began to tell his story and his feelings during the attack on the monster association headquarters.

Saitama himself admitted that he didn't really want to be involved in the attack on the hero association headquarters. 

He actually wanted to complain about the noise and commotion going on under his house – which is under Saitama's house/apartment is the headquarters of the monster association. 

However, what happened was the opposite.

Saitama was unable to make such a complaint, and had to get himself involved in a situation he didn't want to be in. 

He also tried to find his belongings, which he could not do. 

This also made him angry. 

And Saitama said that he really wanted to destroy the earth, because annoyed and angry his house was destroyed and he couldn't find his things.

One Punch Man: Saitama Will Destroy Earth?

From this interesting moment, two big questions emerged. Is Saitama serious about destroying Earth? 

Judging from the expression on Saitama's face that looks serious, it seems like something that might happen. 

During this time, Saitama was rarely shown annoyed or angry. 

And even if he seems annoyed, Saitama rarely makes threats like this.

That is, Saitama is serious about his threat to destroy the earth. But, on the other hand, it could be just an expression of annoyance shown by Saitama. 

This is because if Saitama did manage to destroy the earth, then he would have no place to live. 

All this time, Saitama had lived in city Z for one big reason, it was free.

If then the earth was destroyed, and city Z was also destroyed, he would no longer have a place to shelter. 

The second question, can Saitama really destroy the earth? 

Actually, there is no definite answer regarding this. 

However, considering how powerful Saitama is, who is the strongest character in the series, it is not impossible for Saitama to destroy the earth.

One Punch Man: Saitama Will Destroy Earth?

ONE himself once said that if Saitama put all his might and hit the ground with a hammer, the earth could be crushed. 

In addition, there is also "evidence" of the possibility of Saitama destroying the earth. 

In the manga Volume 4, the cover image shows Saitama who managed to make a hole or destroy a hole from the moon.

The hole that appears on the moon has a fairly large diameter, which means that Saitama's punch is very strong and powerful. 

Another proof itself is how Saitama managed to destroy the meteor that was about to hit the earth easily at the beginning of the series. 

When all the heroes struggled to destroy the huge meteor, with just one hit, Saitama managed to destroy the meteor and save the entire city area.

If we return to Saitama's threat, we can assume that Saitama can indeed destroy the earth. 

Maybe the fate of the earth will be the same as the moon in the cover image, where there is a very large hole in the middle. 

But, fortunately, Saitama did not do that and the fate of the earth was safe again.

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